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Recent Real Estate Sales

by Bobby Blair
April 13, 2018

                 YTD 2017                 YTD 2018

Sin Fam           24                          10

Median         $368,500                  $400,500

Real Estate Sales

29 Everett St ----------------------------------------- $3,225,000

B: 29 Everett Street LLC

S: 29 Everett LLC

Prior Sale:  $2,200,000

5 Garett Way ----------------------------------------- $428,000

B: Joshua Mendelsohn & Barry Elliot

S: Kerry Nagle

Prior Sale:  $399,900   8/10

80 Greenview Dr -------------------------------------- $660,000

B: Brian Fonseca & Melissa Fonseca

S: Steven Krasnoff & Lisa Krasnoff

Prior Sale:  $470,000  5/07

75 Kim Place ----------------------------------------- $200,000

B: Patrick Ryan & Kathryn Ryan

S: O'Leary Builders Inc

31 Old Cart Path ------------------------------------- $795,000

B: Muralidhar Balcha & Vijayalaxmi Balcha

S: Timothy Pratt & Lan Pratt

Prior Sale:  $740,000



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