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Police Log for Week of April 8 - 14, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
April 17, 2018

Twenty-first Century Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn in town

April 8, 2018:

Fourteen traffic stops today. (No time for anything else).

April 9:

Complaint, Pleasure Point; report of a "make shift raft" constructed of plywood and plastic bottles. Caller concerned that a child might get hurt (these kids should be in their rooms playing with a XBox, computer and IPhone like all the other kids).

April 10:

Animal incident, 370 Hollis; yellow Lab in the road.

Identity theft, Mohawk.

April 11:

Vehicle stop with summons, 550 Washington; Nadison Lemos of Ashland for failure to wear a seat belt and unlicensed operation.

April 12:

Crash, 126 Woodland; Holliston driver attacked by a guardrail.

Fraud, Mission Springs; fraudulent withdrawal from a bank account.

Animal incident, Ashland; beagle with a red harness in the road.

Larceny, High school; items taken from locker.

April 13:

Vehicle stop with arrest, 2249 Washington; Bruno DaSilva of Milford for reckless operation, speeding, OUI liquor and possesion of an open container of alcohol.

Check prisoner.

Disturbance, Dunks; Manager reports group of teens stealing from the fridge.

Suspicious activity, Gorwin; caller reports wallet stolen at Panara and is concerned that thief now has home address. Requests additional patrols.

April 14:

Animal incident, 900 Washington; grey & white dog in the road (ignore other dogs in the road not reported).

Animal incident, Ashland; "Roxy", a small black Lab mix, on the run.

Suspicious activity, Gorwin; report of male in black jacket and hat walking in and out of woods and in the caller's backyard. Finally walked back into the woods. (probably trying to return that wallet)

During the reporting period, 18 citations and 10 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported.


In the old days, undesirables were simply ordered out:

Middlesex s.s.      To the constable or constables of the town of Holliston or either of them


These are to require you to warn Samuel Pike and Abigail Pike and their children, forthwith to depart out of the town of Holliston, so that neither of them become an Inhabitant in said town.

Holliston, March 27, 1755                              By order of the Selectmen.

                                                                        Daniel Emerson, Town Clerk

And an unattended death:

September 1, 1882. Last Friday several witnesses were examined as to their knowledge of the manner in which Patrick Finn recently came to his death.  We understand the testimony to be that when Mrs. Finn first looked for her husband the bar tender was notified of the fact, and he told Mr. Finn, who was asleep in the chair and in attempting to get up, fell out of the chair, and was afterwards assisted to the water-closet so he would be out of sight, and that he remained there until found dead.  It is reported that more witnesses are to be examined today.


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Comments (4)

It was a dull week for the police. That's good news for residents but makes it hard for me to keep it interesting.

- Paul Saulnier | 4/22/18 8:16 AM

Was this a dull week or did I miss something? Hoping for a quiet week now and then It refreshes us for the next round.

- Jean Morrissey | 4/22/18 6:22 AM

Nice detective work but, no, it's a different raft.

- Paul Saulnier | 4/18/18 3:09 PM

Is this the same raft? http://hollistonreporter.com/article/8385/ss-ahoy-mades-runs-afoul.html

- Steve Mester | 4/18/18 10:38 AM



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