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Andrews School Spire Up for Auction

by Bobby Blair
April 21, 2018

And the winner is: Thomas Trainor of Marshall Street who will donate the spire to the Community Farm. Winning bid $250

The spire which stood atop of the Andrews School for 79 years is up for auction. The spire was donated by builder Steve O'Leary and wished the proceeds would go to a worthy cause. The spire is heavy, over 100 lbs. and is believed to be made of lead and cooper. It stands over 8' tall. Due to the historical nature of the piece, only bidders who plan on locating the spire in Holliston are asked to bid. Bidding will ONLY be accepted thru the comments section of this article in the and while the bids will be revealed the names of the bidders will not. The final winners name  will be revealed after bidding closes. Bids will close on Sunday April 22nd at 12 noon. Biddings starts at $100. Any questions at 508-429-6763. Proceeds will go to Holliston in Bloom.


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Comments (8)

Bid #6 $250 to donate to the Community Farm

- Bobby Blair | 4/21/18 7:36 AM

New bid $225 with the spire donated to the community farm

- Bobby Blair | 4/20/18 4:49 PM

Bid #4 is for $200 and a promise to donate the spire to the Community Farm

- Bobby Blair | 4/19/18 9:24 PM

Bid # 3 ---- $150

- Bobby Blair | 4/19/18 12:52 PM

2nd bid of $125

- Bobby Blair | 4/19/18 11:16 AM

The barn at the Community Farm would be an ideal location for this spire to sit. We will be installing a new roof soon and we can build a coupola for the Spire to sit on. Please consider Bidding on it and donating the spire to the farm. This is a win win for all!! A little money for HIB and a piece of local History for the community farm.

- Pj Kilkelly | 4/19/18 9:42 AM

First bid is for $100

- Bobby Blair | 4/18/18 7:49 PM

Any chance you'd be able to add the weight and dimensions to the article? Or where can it be seen?

- James Read | 4/17/18 4:37 PM



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