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Police Log for Week of April 22 - 28, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
May 1, 2018

Crash numbers are down this week, suspicious activity is up and Exchange Street has a certain "air" about it.

April 22, 2018:

00:05, Suspicious activity, Erin; gun shots heard.

00:17, Suspicious activity, Highland & Washington; off duty officer reports a male dressed in gray hoodie and sweat pants walking.

00:29  Officer Woods issued a citation to a Pawtucket driver in front of the Library.

Vandalism, Holly; report of mail box beaten to death, possibly by a bat.

Suspicious activity, Pine Oak; parked black pickup left at a high rate of speed,  when observed by the caller.

April 23:

Larceny, Concord; equipment stolen from residence.

Animal incident, Hampshire; report of lost cat with long black fur (Pauline is worried).

April 24:

Vehicle stop with summons, 1292 Washington; Luis R. Chacon of Natick for unlicensed operation and an unregistered, uninsured vehicle; speeding, reckless operation, no inspection sticker and number plate violation (at least Luis was wearing a seat belt).

Complaint, Goodwill Park; caller observed small empty bottle of alcohol before school vacation and large empty bottles of alcohol after school vacation. (See what happens when teachers have nothing to do for a weeek?).

Animal incident, Courtland; caller reports a black dog wandering the street and refusing to leave (never tell a dog to go away while you are eating a sandwich).

Olfactory alert, Exchange; possible septic tank leak noticed in the area. BOH notified.

Crash, 370 Hollis; minor interaction in the parking lot.

Animal incident, 1700 Washington; car versus deer. Both GOA.

April 25:

Nothing to excite the senses today

April 26:

Suspicious activity, Concord; Richard Edwin Moody taken into protective custody.

11:12 PM, Repo Man hooked a Chevy 1500 on Washington.

April 27:

Check prisoner.

Animal incident, Fisher; report of possible rabid raccoon. Dispatcher dispatched a dispatcher too late to dispatch the raccoon. GOA.

Crash, 830 Washington; Whitinsville driver involved in minor paint transfer in parking lot.

April 28:

Vehicle stop with summons, 859 Washington; Jervin Omar Navas-Reyes of Framingham for crosswalk violation & unlicensed operation.

Crash, 408 Washington; caller stated that a coworker hit her car and left the parking lot.

Crash, 414 Washington Street; welcome drivers from Woonsocket and Hopkinton to Crash Central.

Great weather + end of the month myth = a dozen traffic stops.

During the reporting period, 23 citations and 16 warnings were issued. A record 8 erratic drivers were reported.



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Comments (1)

Looks like our police department is doing a good job. not too many out of towners getting in trouble. They have figured out this is not a town to mess with. Now if we could only train the animals.

- Jean Morrissey | 5/3/18 2:15 AM



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