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Cinco de Mayo Limpiar

by Paul Saulnier
May 7, 2018

May 5, 2018. Holliston in Bloom ushers in Spring with a freshening up of the flower beds around town.

Members of HIB (Holliston In Bloom) and non-memebers, gave of their Saturday and Sunday to make the beds ready for the planting of flowers that everyone admires as Spring turns to summer and eventually Fall.

Cherry Fenton added: There was a total of 14 contractor bags and pick-up truck load of plant debris, 6 contractor bags of trash, and 3 brush piles collected at the Cleanup Weekend as part of Keep Massachusetts Beautiful campaign!  Holliston DPW helped dispose of trash and brush piles.

Approximately 32 people over 2 days and 100+ volunteer hours were worked this past weekend*.  (*Additional hours of trash removal and light pruning were done in advance at the Big Border by a Placentino/Miller School group of students and parents organized by parent Catie Ehret just 2 weeks earlier.)

All of the beds at Town Hall (foundation, patio, sidewalk, front beds, and war memorial), Big Border at Church Green on Washington Street, Rossini Corner, Police Station, Fire Station and hosta garden, Stoddard Park pavilion, the garden at the corner of High and Concord Streets, and the Blair Square gazebo were weeded.  (Many garden beds were also prepped for planting later this month.) Trash was also removed from Holliston High, Stoddard Park, Patoma Park, Pleasure Point, Rossini Corner, Police Station, Church Green, Town Hall, and Blair Square. 

Many thanks to the Holliston Lions and Leos, the HIB committee, old and new friends, and the DPW who supported our efforts to keep our town beautiful!

Cleanup coordinator and cochair of HIB, Cherry Fenton, above, worked with David  Bastille to prepare the planting beds along Washington Street in front of the Congregational Church.

Meanwhile, Jill Malcolm of the Garden Club and HIB took care of the beds around Town Hall.

The beds in front of the Police Station were made ready by Bea Hait (GOA).

The corner of High Street and Concord Street has been under the care of the Kelly Family ever since Cassandra, below right, took it on as a high school project. With her were, left to right, HIB member Ann Huntington, Tom and Cathy Kelly.

Cassandra's Corner is ready for plants.

Yours Truly was assigned to the planting beds in front of the Central Burial Ground. I think I did a pretty good job; at least the residents didn't complain.

Lions cleaned up Stoddard, Pleasure Point and Patoma Park with 4 Lions and 4 Leos.

I'm sure there were more volunteers pitching in to make Holliston beautiful. Please comment on this article so everyone knows that you care.

Cochair Kathy Shore, above left, thanks resident Kathleen Kiley for her very generous $1000 donation to Holliston In Bloom. Kathleen said she usually helps with the weeding but this year is recovering from an injury and still wanted to help out.

Kathy also accepted a generous donation of $300 from Kate LaMontagne, owner of Kamala Boutique.


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Comments (3)

So much appreciated!!! Thank you all for all you do and are doing, everything looks so nice around town!

- Kate | 5/9/18 8:47 AM

Huge thanks to Kathy Kiley!

Clean up was also done at Pinecrest Golf Course along the fence/border & walkway.


- Deb Moore | 5/7/18 8:36 AM

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped beautify our town and especially to the HIB committee for leading this effort!

- Mary Curran | 5/7/18 8:05 AM



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