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Holliston School Committee News

by Lisa Kocian
May 13, 2018

Holliston School Committee News


School Committee Newsletter   --  Issue #7   --  May 10, 2018

Last Day of School Set for June 21

RAMS Science Students Win $12,000

A team of Middle School students won Grand Prize in the Biogen Spark Video Contest for their entry “What’s Wrong With My Chromosome?” The other entry, also from Jaime Cutone’s 8th grade science class, “C.R.A.B.S. Progeria Rap,” won Second Place. Altogether they earned $12,000 in award money for the schools. All Grand Prize winners are featured on the Biogen website; look for “Massachusetts Middle School” to watch the RAMS winners.

Before they entered, students decided to use any prize money for a water bottle refill/filtration system. The School Committee was happy to officially accept the winnings and approve the money for that use at our April meeting. We’re hoping there might be enough money to put a new water station at each campus.

Congratulations to Grand Prize winners Eva Bergloff, Ella Detering, Sasha Tcherapanova, and Maggie Vaughn, and Second Place winners Cooper Sweet, Ryan Krantz, Anish Guggilam, Brayden Kelleher, and Sean O’Neill. Go RAMS!

School Budget for 2018-19 Passes with Restorations

At Town Meeting on May 7, the citizenry voted a FY19 budget of $33,632,813 for the Holliston Public Schools, representing a 2.92% increase over FY18. The school department budget represents approximately 54% of the Town’s overall budget approved for next year, $62,744,155, a 2.84% increase over last year. The School Committee thanks the Holliston Finance Committee for its hard work on the Town’s behalf and the Hollistonians who went to Town Meeting to vote in favor of its recommended budget.

$824,293 of the increase over last year’s budget will allow HPS to maintain services as provided this year and honor salary commitments. An additional $130,000 will restore the loss of government funding and personnel, as well as add much-needed support across the district:

Wanted: Cafeteria Food Feedback!

The Wellness Council is conducting a survey of parents, students, and staff in an effort to improve the cafeteria options at all our schools. You should have received it by email, but if not, please click here. We value your input. It’s quick and easy!


Jessica Beattie Named Middle School Assistant Principal

David Jordan, who was recently named principal at the Robert Adams Middle School, announced last month the hiring of Jessica Beattie as assistant principal. She served as interim assistant principal this school year while he was interim principal.

Staff and parents were enthusiastic in their support of her candidacy. Staff praised her in both an anonymous survey and two afterschool forums, according to Mr. Jordan, in his announcement to the community.

Prior to this year, Mrs. Beattie spent 15 years as a highly successful Adams School Counselor. She holds a BA in Sociology from Framingham State University and a Master of Arts in Clinical Social Work from Boston College, said Mr. Jordan.

Congratulations Mrs. Beattie!

School Committee Members

School Committee members are Holliston residents elected to three-year terms. All Massachusetts School Committees have three main purviews:

  1. Hire and evaluate the superintendent;

  2. Prepare and approve school budgets, which are subject to final approval by the town;

  3. Create and amend policies.

Our agendas, meeting minutes, and policies are available on our web site at http://www.holliston.k12.ma.us/home/school-committee

Feel free to contact any committee member with questions or comments. Please note we all have new email addresses:

Anne Louise Hanstad, Chair        HanstadA@hsc.holliston.k12.ma.us

Stacey Raffi, Vice Chair                 RaffiS@hsc.holliston.k12.ma.us

Martha Devoe                         DevoeM@hsc.holliston.k12.ma.us

Lisa Kocian                          KocianL@hsc.holliston.k12.ma.us        

Cynthia Listewnik               ListewnikC@hsc.holliston.k12.ma.us

Andy Morton                    MortonA@hsc.holliston.k12.ma.us

Joan Shaughnessy           ShaughnessyJ@hsc.holliston.k12.ma.us


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