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Police Log for Week of May 13 - 19, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
May 22, 2018

This woodchuck won't be chucking any more wood and if HPD keeps showing up at Pleasure Point, we might as well rename it.

May 13, 2018:

2:30 AM, Vehicle stop with summons, Concord & Jar Brook; Mateus Barbosa Marcolino of Framingham for failure to stop and unlicensed operation.

Vehicle stop with summons, 777 Washington; Waldemar Ardon of Framingham for marked lanes violation and unlicensed operation.

Animal incident, Central & Winthrop; two small dogs running around.

Animal incident, Cheryl; blond dog on the loose (do dogs tell jokes about blond dogs?)

Animal incident, Wildlife Drive; large white dog with black spots missing.

May 14:

Crash with summons, Washington & Summer; ladder fell off a van and hit the car behind. Van left the scene and returned. Wuiber Demelo of Marlboro for unsecured load and unlicensed operation.

May 15:

3:50 AM, Crash with summons, 1929 Washington; Sriharsha Gujjalapati of Texas for speeding, negligent operation, and OUI liquor.

Suspicious vehicle, Pleasure Point; approximately 20 year old male in a red "beat up" hatchback for about one hour (give it up kid. She isn't coming)

ID theft, Wingate.

May 16:

Vehicle stop with summons,Concord & Brooksmont; Andrew Briggs of Medway for failure to stop, uninsured vehicle and number plate violation.

Animal incident, Dunks; turkey in the road. GOA (went back in the straw where it belongs).

Crash, 815 Washington; two Holliston residents got closer than usual.

Crash with summons, 400 Washington; Hopedale versus Holliston. James Fitzgerald of Hopedale for uninsured, unregistered and no sticker vehicle (forgot the license plate)

Animal incident, Travis; on-going issue with neighborhood dogs left out without leashes (lucky dogs)

May 17:

00:01 AM, Complaint, report of IRS warrant scam call using 708 646 2412 (must be a way to set up automatic calling to that number and drive them crazy)

Crash, 1869 Washington;  Millville versus Milford (Mmmmmmmmmmm)

Traffic complaint, Union; resident complaint of high speed traffic due to construction delays on Washington Street. HPD staked out the road for one hour but detected no violations.

Crash, Washington & Highland; Milford & Framingham drivers select forms from the crash kiosk.

Animal incident, Norfolk & Clark; dead woodchuck in the road (sure - after it ate all my tulips).

Animal incident, Winthrop & Vine; report of dog hit by a car. HPD reports dog was not hit (Holliston's own dog Whisperer?)

Crash, 182 Washington; Wayland versus Milford.

Traffic complaint, Union; resident takes issue with speed and operation of cars. HPD observes no issues.

Crash, 440 Concord; single car crash. No details (thank you for not crashing on Washington. National Transportation Safety Board may consider closing Washington Street if vehicular mayhem continues at current rate).

May 18;

Crash, Hollis & Highland; Holliston versus Natick. Hometown Auto snagged both.

Crash, Dunks; Mendon driver (in need of caffeine?) bumps into Holliston patriot.

Traffic enforcement, Union; no speed over 25 mph observed.

Crash, 547 Washington; two Milford drivers gang up on innocent Holliston driver.

May 19:

02:00 AM; Suspicious activity, Casey's Crossing; report of female circling the parking lot for over two hours. Checked OK by HPD (she was OK but I wouldn't want to be him later that night).

Crash, Noel; car versus granite curb (curb 1, tire & rim 0)

During the reporting period, 14 citations and 10 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported.


These two signs should not be posted together:


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Comments (2)

You would think people from out of town would get the message that unlicensed and unregistered cars ARE NOT TO COME IN HOLLISTON unless they like to go to court. The good part is our Police Department is A1 in my book. Of course, I don't own a car.

Jean Morrissey

- jean morrissey | 5/24/18 9:55 AM

I hope they find that dog's missing black spots.

- John Coffey | 5/22/18 6:57 AM



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