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Only Some Were Called

by Bobby Blair
May 26, 2018

“There were many, many times thereafter that Don regretted having enlisted - but so has every man who ever volunteered for military service.”
 Robert A. Heinlein, Between Planets

The last of Holliston's Civil War veterans in front of town hall. Note unpaved Elm Street in the upper left of the photo. Son's of Vets form the honor guard on either side of the Civil War vets.

The American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps circa 1936-37. Many of these boys would enter military service in WWII.

On the right is G.R. Russell. Russell owned a grocery shop at 101 Central Street. The building was torn down in the 1960's to make room for a larger grocery store owned by Russell's son in law Freddie Cole. The building now houses CVS Pharmacy.

Charlie Williams above saw service during WWI. Williams owned and operated Williams Market in the town square where the present day Holliston Antiques is located. His able assistant was Walter Higgins also a WWI vet.

Ernest Kehoe came to live with his relatives at 32 Arch Street the Drennan's after his parents died. Kehoe, a member of the 38th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division would be killed in action on July 5th 1918. He is buried in Belleau France.

Jerome Moore would serve with a transportation battalion in France and returned home to run his fathers monument business in the backyard of their family home on School Street.

Walter Moynihan would serve as the 1st Commander of the newly organized American Legion Post #47 in 1920.

Charles Lovewell a member of the 29th Bomber Squadron, 452 Bomber Group would lose his life on April 21st 1944 when his plane crashed. He is buried in Cambridge England. Lovewell's square is located near the family home at the corner of Locust and High Streets.

Leonard D. Chesmore for whom the local VFW Post is named was killed on December 24th 1943 off the coast of Tarawa when his plane was shot down. His body was never recovered.

SFC Clifford LaChance was killed in Vietnam on August 7th 1966. LaChance Square is located at Gooch's Corner (Ashland and Concord Street).


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Comments (7)

There is a map of 18 veteran's memorials on the holliston historical society website and Mr. Varrel's biographies of those veterans. http://www.hollistonhistoricalsociety.org/collections-research/veterans-memorials/

- karen fung | 5/27/18 9:14 PM

Bob Thank you for the short history on Holliston's service folks that volunteered to serve during war/conflict. Matching a face with the honorary Square is an educational tool in the days when the History classes were rushed to meet deadlines; WWII, Korean war were quick studies. The Vietnam war was on tv nightly when i was in HS. My kids in the 80s-90s learned little. Please keep the pictures coming. Claire b

- CLAIRE BRESNAHAN | 5/26/18 5:46 PM

Thank you so much, Bobby, for this very moving article. As with the posters identifying individual service members, it truly personalizes for us those selfless and patriotic people who sacrificed so much.

- Pat fuller | 5/26/18 5:15 PM

Just a little more on Veterans Squares. Ernest Kehoe's square is located at Arch and Water Streets. Leonard Chesmore Central at Church. Thomas Ghelli Square at Goodwill Park.

- Steve Bradford | 5/26/18 3:02 PM

Thanks, Bobby. Great article. Check out the short story about the Veteran Memorial Squares in Holliston. YouTube: https://youtu.be/XWLcEohNiH4

- Bruce Gilfoy | 5/26/18 11:49 AM

Also a Ghelli KIA in Vietnam...maybe a location in town in his honor???? I enjoy your reporting, Mayor, keep it up.

- Ford, Robert.R | 5/26/18 10:50 AM

walter moynihan was my grandmother's brother. you can just barely see the bay window of her house in the photo of elm st. there was a trunk in the cellar with letters and ephemera from walter and my brother and i were convinced that somewhere in the house was one of those german helmets from ww1 with the pointy thing on the top. my mother worked at williams' market during ww11 and when we went in there as kids charlie would pretend he was going to amputate our arms or whatever. planting geraniums in front of the town hall was something my mother did on memorial day.

- David Williams | 5/26/18 10:29 AM



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