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Selectmen Meet June 11th

by Bobby Blair
June 12, 2018

Town Administrator Jeff Ritter said Monday night that while the downtown signalization project is on schedule, he noted that it was not on budget.

Several Mudville residents under the pubic comments section of the meeting voiced concerns about increased traffic in their neighborhood. Tina Hein of Union Street was concerned about cars traveling too fast. Jean Spera, above, who lives on Water Street and is also a crossing guard at Central & Railroad Streets was concerned about child safety and the number of cars turning off Central Street into Mudville. Chairman Jay Marsden acknowledged the increased traffic may be due to the downtown construction and opted to revisit the subject after the lights have been activated and school is back in session in September.

Monica Lamboy of the Collins Center gave the board an overview of Capital Planning. With a capital planning committee the town can plan ahead for large and small projects.

The board signed papers relative to 172 Concord Street which is being turned over to the town's housing trust for low income housing. Selectmen John Cronin read a very long list of annual reappointments, all of which were approved.


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Comments (6)

If we have a contract doesn't the contract state the cost and lock in the price? What are the overages?

- Marty Lamb | 6/13/18 3:25 PM

Jeff, On a $1.05 million dollar project, $50,000 is 5%, not 0.5%. What was the engineers estimate prior to the bid opening? Thanks. Matt Barry

- Matt Barry | 6/13/18 2:11 PM

The project is approximately 0.5% over the Contract awarded to Lorusso or less than $50,000.

- Jeff Ritter | 6/12/18 4:46 PM

Hopefully its not significantly over budget. I am thinking that paving at night (which I do not think was planned) prob costs more as you have to pay a shift differential, bring in lights, etc. Downtown is starting look like downtown again with the crosswalks going in.

- Bill Littlefield | 6/12/18 4:38 PM

Did Mr. Ritter say how much over budget we are on the light project?

- Marty Lamb | 6/12/18 1:13 PM

"Town Administrator Jeff Ritter said Monday night that while the downtown signalization project is on schedule, he noted that it was not on budget." .... Any explanation why is that? How much over budget are we talking? Where's the shortfall going to come from?

- Sam T | 6/12/18 7:38 AM



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