June 18th Board of Selectmen Meeting

by Matt Ristaino
June 19, 2018

The Board of Selectmen met on Monday (although the board’s newest member, John Cronin, was absent), and the main topic of discussion was the issues with Republic Services’ recycling pick-up.

Republic representatives Nick Stefkovich and Dan Higgins attended the meeting to speak to the board and take questions and listen to concerns from residents.

“I know we’ve caused an inconvenience to the town, and it’s frustrating,” said Stefkovich.

Left to right, Mark Ahronian, Jay Marsden, Nick Stefkovich, and Dan Higgins

There are a number of issues at Republic that are causing the interruptions in service, including driver and staff shortages and issues with upper management, according to Stefkovich. Republic is bringing in additions trucks and staff from other areas to deal with the problems here in town, but these are only temporary solutions.

Republic is planning to add more trucks to its fleet and increase driver and staff hiring in order to permanently solve this problem. In the meantime, Stefkovich said he believes that the resources that the company has brought in right now are enough to get service back to normal. For a full story about Republic’s meeting with the selectmen, click here: http://www.hollistonreporter.com/article/14214/republic-meet-with-selectmen-about-recycling-service.html

The recycling issue was not the only business of the meeting. Resident Tina Hein followed up last week’s discussion about traffic in Mudville with a request to put the Mudville traffic study, planned for September, on the agenda before then so residents could give their input. Jay Marsden said that he would be happy to put the study on the agenda and hear what the residents had to say about it.

The board gave approval to the Rail Trail Committee to distribute letters to residents who live along the rail trail to notify them about encroachment. The rail trail is now officially town property, so building on the trail or using it for personal use in other ways is prohibited.

The board also approved three driveway opening requests, one on the new construction site at 41 Pleasant St., and two retro-fitted at 194 Ashland St. and 101 Marilyn St. 

Mark Ahronian thanked Holliston School Committee chair Anne Louise Hanstad and superintendent Brad Jackson for meeting with him last week and updating him about plans for the future. He said that Hanstad and Jackson will organize a tour of the high school for the board sometime soon.  


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