Board of Selectmen meet June 25, 2018

by Matt Ristaino
June 26, 2018

The Holliston Board of Selectmen gathered for their weekly meeting Monday evening, and this week the main business of the meeting was a dog hearing for an incident that happened on Stonybrook Drive last November.

The incident involved one dog, owned by Sara Villa, going into a neighbor’s yard and attacking another dog, owned by Sue and Peter Delaney. Sue Delaney was able to break the dogs apart, but she suffered minor cuts on her hand and arms. The dog which was attacked allegedly suffered puncture wounds, but recovered and is fine.

Sue Delaney said that the incident left her traumatized, and she no longer lets her dog outside alone anymore. Villa, and her parents Beth and Frank, who were looking after her dog at the time of the incident, confirmed Delaney’s account of what happened and said they did everything they could at the time to make things better.

The dog that was the aggressor in the incident had been adopted by Villa in October, but was staying with her parents on Stonybrook Drive because her apartment at the time was not dog friendly. Since then, Villa said that they never let the dog outside on his own, have taken him for training, and always have him on a harness when walking him in public. There have been no further incidents.   

Villa said that when she adopted the dog, she never expected him to be aggressive towards other dogs. She also said that he has not shown aggression towards people. She feels that she has him under control and nobody in the neighborhood should be worried about further incidents.

Despite these assurances and the steps that Villa has taken since the incident, some neighbors spoke at the meeting, saying that they are still frightened by her dog. The board said they will take everything into consideration and will give a verdict at their next meeting.

During the public comment part of the meeting, residents from Mudville once again spoke to the board about their concerns about traffic in the neighborhood and the upcoming traffic study.

Tina Hein said that she has spoken with the police department and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation about potential changes to the area, including dropping the speed limit to 20 MPH, which would require an engineering study prior to implementation.

Lesley Kennally brought up the idea of painting “SLOW” on some of the roads in Mudville to get drivers’ attention. Kennally also asked about the next steps for the now empty lot that used to be the Andrews School, but the board did not have an immediate answer and said that they would reach out to the developer for an update. 

Later in the meeting, when it was time to fill an empty spot on the Blair Square Committee, Mark Ahronian brought up the idea allowing the Parks and Recreation Department to take over operation and maintenance of the park. In the end, the board appointed Ahronian to the committee and changed the composition of the committee to include a representative from the Parks and Recreation Department. John Cronin said that he would like to further discuss maintenance of all town parks at a future meeting.

Other business included reappointing Chad Thompson as police lieutenant for one year and approving the new manager at Bertucci’s restaurant. Cronin also congratulated the police department for its role in apprehending the alleged culprits of last year’s bank robbery in town, and Ahronian thanked Lucas Poacher, Mike Tyman, and Boy Scout Troop 73 for the eagle scout project working on the planting beds at the central burial ground.

There will be no meeting next week due to the July 4th holiday, so the next board meeting will by July 9th.


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