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Police Log for Week of June 24 - 30, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
July 3, 2018

Asphalt vigilante active in Mudville and downtown intersection is a classic case of "it gets worse before it gets better"

June 24, 2018:

Crash, 1568 Washington; Tow truck versus pole. Power outages reported in the area. Hometown Auto towed the tow truck away.(that's one way to increase the fleet).

June 25:

Vehicle stop with summons, 11 Howard; Cory Victoria of Holliston for operating with a suspended license and an unregistered vehicle.

Animal incident, 241 Central; dead skunk in the middle of the road... and it's stinkin to high heaven. Hwy notified

Vehicle stop with summons, Colonial; Aldenor Junior Jr. of New Bedford for unlicensed operation and obstructing an emergency vehicle.

Crash, 2115 Washington; windshield damaged by debris from passing vehicle (that'll get you to stop texting for a second).

Crash, Bertucci's; Newton & Norfolk drivers bump into each other hard enough to require a tow truck for one.

June 26:

06:18 AM, Complaint, Brook; trash company starting too early. Advised to call the Board of Health.

Complaint, 637 Highland; speed limit sign at the Ashland end of Highland Street hard to read (the patrol car parked under it is also hard to spot).

Animal incident, Carlton; service dog missing. Brown, white and tan.

Crash, 777 Washington; Southboro and Medfield drivers collide, sending one to hospital.

Suspicious activity, Santander Bank; male patron refused to leave and laid down on the floor. Family member called to take person home.

June 27:

02:43 AM, Crash, 470 Washington; caller heard a crash. Hometown Auto found the crash.

Well being check, South; resident reports delivery driver unresponsive in the driveway. Checked Ok - asleep (overworked Amazon driver?)

June 28:

Crash, 1396 Washington; drivers from Mashpee, Medford, Framingham and Holliston cram into a space meant for just one Holliston driver.

Crash, 777 Washington; drivers from Medway, Douglas and Plainville experiencing difficulty navigating the new and improved intersection.  Second crash this week in front of Superette.

Traffic complaint, Union; resident complaint of vehicle traveling too fast.

Road hazard, Union; report of saw horses and cones in the road but no road work apparent. Items were "citizen protest" and removed (Charles Bronson would be proud).

Crash, 85 Central, Lakeville driver inconvenienced a Holliston driver in a minor way.

June 29:

Crash, Washington & Balancing Rock; bumper damage appeared suddenly on two Holliston cars.

Crash, 777 Washington; Milford and Holliston drivers make contact. No details. That's three this week. Hope the new lights will help.

June 30:

Animal incident, Stoddard Park; stray dog reported (everyone out of the water).

Vehicle stop with summons, 1700 Washington; Michael Quinones of Providence for unlicensed operation and lights violation.

Complaint, 492 Washington; report of "loud banging" noise from the direction of air conditioner and a large animal or person seen leaving the scene (Big Foot complainig about the noise?).

During the reporting period, 31 citations and 16 warnings were reported. Four erotic drivers were reported (typo - sorry)


All roads lead to Kottayam


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Hotel Kottayam: "You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave."

- Ron Dowding | 7/5/18 12:35 PM



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