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Participatory Democracy

by Shaw Lively
August 27, 2018

Your volunteers and elected officials are working to make decisions about your town. Drop in.

Town Governance is in full swing this week. All meetings start at 7 PM

Monday Aug.27                Selectman                           Town Hall

Tuesday Aug.28                Finance Committee            Town Hall

Wed. Aug 29                     Parks & Recreation             1750 Washington St

Wed. Aug. 29                    Historical Commission       Town Hall

Thurs. Aug 30                    School Committee              High Scholl

Thurs. Aug 30                    Planning Board                  Town Hall

Even in the heart of summer, volunteers and your neighbors are working to make decisions about our town. Drop in. Check For Updates:

Agenda Highlights below:

See http://www.townofholliston.us/town-calendar/2018-08 for more


Public Hearing – Winehouse 

7:30p.m.  Inspector of Buildings/Zoning Enforcement Officer Interview (Christopher Canney) 

7:45p.m. Police Chief Matt Stone Departmental Update 

8:00p.m.  Houghton Pond Dam Contract, Emergency Response Plan (Lenard Engineering) Marijuana By-Law Follow-Up Discussion, Contract Renewal with Blackstone Valley Regional Recycling Center,  


Agenda Job Description for the Building and Grounds Superintendent 

Blair Square Committee 


Site Plan Review Amendment – HYSA, 150 Marshall Street 4. Evergreen Square – Construction Deadline 5. Adult Use Marijuana Establishment Zoning and Regulation 6. White Pine Estates II – Revised Surety/Construction Extension 


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Comments (2)

Update- Parks and Rec for tonight is postponed

- SHAW LIVELY | 8/29/18 3:22 PM

Great updates. Keep up the good work

- Stan Coffin | 8/28/18 9:01 PM



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