Traffic Lights to go Live in Several Weeks

by Bobby Blair
July 10, 2018

The selectmen announced sentencing of a Stonybrook Drive dog Monday night and the pooch who had attacked a neighbor's dog eluded a stay on death row.  All three selectmen agreed that the hound must be muzzled when off the owner's property and properly restrained when in the back yard.

The board heard from Bob Smith of McMahon Associates, the folks installing the downtown traffic lights. An apparent oversight between Eversource Electric and McMahon has led to a snafu regarding the decorative globe lamps afixed to the traffic light posts. While the globes have been installed on one side of the street, the Superette side bears primary wires which Eversource contends come too close for the globes to be installed. Selectman Mark Ahronian said he was very, very, disappointed and the error should have been caught. Selectman John Cronin echoed Ahronian's displeasure and said the mixup was beyond regretable. Chairman Jay Marsden opted to see if the globes which are decorative in nature couldn't be lowered.

Bob Smith of McMahon above will return in two weeks time to see if the globes and the hardware can be reconnoitered to everyone's satisfaction. In the meantime a remaining mast arm will be placed at Hollis Street and traffic lights should be in operation in two weeks time.

Deb Moore along with several members of the Golf Course Advisory Committee appeared before the selectmen relative to a new charge for their board. The advisory board would like to oversee the entire course operation to include both the course and the clubhouse. With a bond to purchase the course almost paid within several short years, the town is now thinking short and long term improvements for the course. Talk of additions and a new septic system to handle additional patrons from parties prompted the idea of a separate committee. Moore cited the number of improvements her committee has undertaken over the years. Selectmen opted to continue the discussion after reviewing the money side of the present bond.

In other business Alex Porter was appointed as a fire fighter. Selectmen approved a donation from the Newcomers Club to the Parks & Rec Department in the amount of $3,000. The board also approved  the Town Adminstrator to post the job opening of Building Inspector as Peter Tartakoff will be retiring.


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Comments (4)

Here's hoping that they time the lights so traffic isn't backed up.

- Concerned | 7/10/18 7:43 PM

Are the traffic lights downtown going to be red AND yellow when pedestrians are crossing, or just red? Hopefully they will be red AND yellow, since this will cause ALL traffic to stop...no turning on red.

- Ellen Healy | 7/10/18 12:43 PM

This is what happens when you go with low bids. Was not impressed with McMahon from the beginning.

- Bill Littlefield | 7/10/18 12:42 PM

The globes...an oversight...$ure, I'll buy that. not

- Jay Buhner | 7/10/18 9:20 AM



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