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Recent Real Estate Sales

by Bobby Blair
August 10, 2018

                          YTD 2017                  YTD 2018

Sin Fam                  102                            83

Median                 $426,500                    $452,500

Real Estate Sales

63 Baker St --------------------------------------------------- $415,000

B: Sarah Donahue & Patrick Donahue

S: Alexander Danjou & Elona Danjou

Prior Sael:  $372,000   2/16

138 Brooksmont ---------------------------------------------$196,000

B: Christian Hatton

S:  Pulte Homes of New Eng

657 Concord St ---------------------------------------------$507,900

B: Devin Potter & Jennifer Hamilton

S: Richard Terrill Tr, Tr for 657 Concord Street RT

Prior Sale:  $120,000  7/99

32 Fisher St ----------------------------------------------------$450,000

B: Michael Rodriguez

S: Coleen Murphy

Prior Sale:  $404,400  7/15

51 Monroe Dr -------------------------------------------------- $582,995

B: Grace Stead

S: Pulte Homes of New Eng


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