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Police Log for Week of September 16 - 22, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
September 25, 2018

Dogs, crows, rabbits and other creatures made the log for last week and a Fairview resident reports a "deadly" chemical spill in the neighborhood.

HPD's Auxilliary Force on duty during Celebrate Holliston field Days. Thanks for keeping everyone safe.

September 16, 2018:

8:24 AM, Complaint, Rail Trail; report of a man appearing to have had too many beers having another one (leaves a bad impression on the dogs).

Animal incident, Morgans Way; German Shepard reported killed a small white dog.

Crash, 238 Concord; drivers from Framingham and Wellesley play bumper cars.

Animal incident, Wood Road; Sherborn resident dropped off a dog with Holliston tags @ HPD.

September 17:

Animal incident, Norfolk; report of injured crow. Advised to call Wildlife Rescue.

September 18:

Crash, Washington & Woodland; two Holliston cars collide, sending one person to hospital.

Crash, Washington & Balancing Rock; three cars involved, including Holliston, Framingham and Rhode Island sending one person to hospital. Hometown Automotive called.

September 19:

Animal incident, Fatima Shrine; brown Chihuahua walking all alone. ACO called. GOA (all done with a Rosary).

Animal incident, Railroad; caller said her dog was attacked by a boxer mix. ACO notified.

September 20:

Suspicious activity with arrest, 1580 Washington; Richard Moody of Holliston on warrant.

Check prisoner.

Smoke & fire, Fairlane; walk-in stated she smelled a chemical smell in her area. HPD located the source of the  chemical spill -  Pepe' Le Pew in the middle of the road...

September 21:

Check prisoner.

Animal incident, Highland; HPD spotted a German Shepard on the loose but was not able to apprehend the suspect (where's Cesh when you need him?)

Crash, 799 Washington; Bellingham versus Holliston. Minor.

Traffic complaint, 3 PM, Union; caller reporting heavy traffic, especially the three very heavy dump trucks.

Traffic complaint, Washington & Hollis; caller reports pedestrian button not working.

Animal incident, Pinecrest; caller reports English Bulldog ran into her house and appears distressed. Owner arrived  - lives next door.

Vehicle stop with summons, 703 Washington; Cleydson Sales of Framingham for operating with a suspended license (surely not Framingham).

September 22:

Animal incident, 142 Highland; caller wants ACO to know that there is a deer in the area that does not appear injured even though it has only three legs (probably would make tough steaks).

Animal incident, 888 Washington; report of a dog in a car for an unknown amount of time. Owner contacted.

Animal incident, Indian Circle; report of two dead rabbits.

Animal incident, Stonybrook; caller concerned about raccoons next to the house. HPD determined that the raccoons are juveniles (if they are anything like human juveniles, they won't move away when they become adults).

Animal incident, Adams and Marshall; tan & brown 30 pound "mutt" running loose with leash in tow.

Crash, 1568 Washington; Florida car versus Holliston car. Hometown Automotive hooked one.

During the reporting period, 13 citations and 10 warnings were issued. Only one erratic driver was reported (hard to be erratic when stuck in traffic)


Let's hope HPD never enters a log like this one:

San Bernardino, California - October 23, 2016

A woman reported Tuesday afternoon that someone had kicked the door of her home and broken in. Whoever broke in stole an electric foot spa, a bottle of laundry detergent, and a mop bucket with mop. The thief reportedly made a clean getaway. Investigation is ongoing.




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Comments (2)

Just reread this log and realized we need to have a Holliston animal police office building and all with cells as well, with there own phone number uniforms and badges. I think this week there were more animal arrests (oops calls then for humans) Life is better that way.

- jean Morrissey | 10/8/18 2:00 PM

I noticed that out of staters are coming to Holliston to interact with our good drivers. It looks like Mr. Clean has shown up in California. My Mr. Clean never stole cleaning products.

- Jean Morrissey | 9/27/18 8:35 PM



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