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Police Log for Week of September 23 - 29, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
October 2, 2018

Someone put a rock in a pot hole to call attention to it.

September 23, 2018:

3 AM, Road hazard, Washington; chair in the middle of the road (drugs will do that to you).

Crash, 547 Washington; Hopedale versus Holliston. Minor.

Animal incident, Pamela; report of dog missing - a puggle named Hildy.

Suspicious activity with summons, Pinecrest; numerous reports of male face down on sidewalk. Paul Wade of Holliston for resisting arrest and A & B on Police.

September 24:

Traffic Enforcement, Winter; request for extra police presence after school hours.

September 25:

Crash, 79 Lowland; truck versus light pole (won't say who won but it's dark there now).

September 26:

Crash, 616 Concord; tree branch fell on passing car (weeping willow?)

Crash, Washington & Underwood; Framingham versus Holliston. No details (but we know who is at fault).

Traffic enforcement, Winter; in responses to request for more police presence.

9:15 PM, Noise complaint, Garvin; report of dog barking for the previous two hours. Owners arrived home and took the dog inside (wait until New Years Eve).

September 27:

Animal incident, Highland & Rolling Meadow; Holliston versus deer. Deer ran off (No deertails).

Crash, 540 Washington; Worcester versus Holliston (we are under siege).

Crash, 101 Central, two Holliston drivers interact. One left the scene.

Crash, 89 Cross; minor but 3 ambulances took 6 people to the hospital.

Crash, Central & Fiske; a hit & run in Milford is caught in Holliston.

September 28:

Complaint, 241 Kuniholm; illegal use of a dumpster - couch deposited (safer place to sit than in a chair in the middle of Washington).

Traffic enforcement, Winter; high speed of 36 mph recorded.

September 29:

Road hazard, Pinecrest Golf course; stop sign sitting in the middle of the road (belongs on Washington by the chair).

Road hazard, Prentice; large rock in a pot hole (sometimes the cure is worse than the ailment).

Animal incident, Jennings & High; white dog on the loose. Ran off when HPD approached (looked like a Dispatcher).

Animal incident, 631 Central; report of something dead in the woods.

Crash, Washington & Summer; Bellingham versus Sherborn. Hometown Automotive called.

Crash, 10 Summer; Bellingham versus Medway.

Road hazard, Locust; report of a large pot hole.

Vehicle stop with arrest, Prentice & Bonney; Michael Kelliher of Hopkinton for OUI liquor, marked lanes violation and operating to endanger.

Check prisoner.

Suspicious activity, Dunster; report of female screaming. HPD determined it to be a birthday party for a 13 year old girl (can you hear me now?)

During the reporting period, 20 citations and 10 warnings were issued. Four erratic drivers were reported.


Too late. Class is full.

Thanks, Nicki, for reporting this to HollistonReporter.com



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Comments (1)

I think there must have been a full moon this week. No town could be this crazy on its own unless it is the reporter or the reader.

- jean morrissey | 10/3/18 6:51 AM



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