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Town Meeting October 29th - Round 1

by Mary Greendale
October 13, 2018

You say you hate going to Town Meeting? Everybody does!! ...but Town Meeting is real democracy, burden and all. Buuuut, your empty seat does give MY vote more clout.

Town Meeting warrant is available online at http://www.townofholliston.us/sites/hollistonma/files/uploads/stm_warrant.pdf   - let me give you a few highlights.

Maybe you are interested in the proposed new motorcycle for the Police Department? Or how about the Utility Task Vehicle for the Fire Department to assist rescues in off- locations that can't be reached otherwise?

You say you are more concerned with budget issues? OK, we'll be deciding about transferring or appropriating $76,256 to current budgets for police, parks, fire and another $1,010,337 for capital costs? Still not interested in attending?

POT! weed....marijuana...cannabis...
Yup, we'll be reviewing by-laws about managing marijuana within Holliston and finally deciding - yes we need to repeat this decision - if we will allow retail. Oh, and we will be deciding how marijuana facilities for non-retail purposes will be licensed. That's a biggie and it's brand new for us. Does that convince you to attend? No, you say you have faith it will all be good? Tough crowd.

How about $1.8 million for water mains et al in Mudville? Total rehab package of streets, sidewalks, everything. Ah, you know you're going to be tired that night? 

There are 27 Articles and every one of them is important to keeping this town moving along. We only do this work twice a year - and before Prop 2 1/2 -  meetings could go on for many nights with lengthy debates (I think 14 was the most, but I am researching that.)

OK - I give up for now, but I will be back with more "encouragement "another day, right here.

Of course, we could always change the form of government. We can all stay home and let a Mayor decide everything (and I don't mean Mudville's Mayor Blair.)

But until that happens...I hope to see you at the meeting. October 29th, 7:30 pm at the High School Auditorium.

Quorum is 100 - out of more than 10,000 registered voters.  That's 1%  - one teeny, tiny, little percent. 

Dress is casual.



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Comments (3)

Thanks, Janee. All fixed.

- Mary Greendale | 10/14/18 12:10 PM

Link is http://www.townofholliston.us/sites/hollistonma/files/uploads/stm_warrant.pdf

- Rick Ristaino | 10/14/18 11:23 AM

Please check the link to the warrant - comes back Page not found?

- Janee Connor | 10/13/18 10:07 AM



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