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Learn Mosaics

by Cheryl Cohen
October 14, 2018

Got questions about how to do mosaics? Read on for answers...

It’s hard to believe that my mosaic art studio in Holliston is 4 ½ years old!  I’ve loved being in Holliston, what a friendly town, and I’ve met so many wonderful people! 

I still love teaching my classes for adults and children and over time have increased my offerings to birthday parties, Ladies’ Nights Out, Mosaic Saturdays, Windows, Jewelry and more!

For today’s column, I’m going to answer frequently asked questions about mosaics!  

Can mosaics be used outdoors?
Absolutely!  Indoor mosaics are made with a non-toxic white glue similar to but stronger than Elmer’s, and outdoor pieces need to be made with a cement-based adhesive. 

Can the windows be used outdoors? 
No, the finish is not made to be outside, people either put them in windows or on a wall that they wish there was a window! 

If I made a coaster or trivet, could it absorb heat?
Yes, if glass tile or stained glass are used, they are nice and flat and can absorb heat.  Some plates can also be used but care needs to be taken to make the pieces flat, and depending on the type of plate, the surface can chip off, so plates are not preferred. 

Where do you get all the glass? 
I know a wonderful stained-glass artist who gives me her scraps, but most of the small pieces of glass are the remains of projects my students have made.  I buy the glass in large sheets at a stained-glass store, use them for larger pieces first then smaller pieces as they get more cut up.  There is no waste at all in mosaics which I’m thrilled about!

Do people bring their grandmother’s china, rock and shell collections to use in their projects? 
All the time!  I love when people make pieces that have meaning to them, they also make great gifts for siblings, children and more. 

What materials do you use to make mosaics?
Glass, tile, rocks, shells, jewelry, broken jewelry, beads, plate shards, metal scraps, found objects and more!  Most but not all of the work done in my studio is textured/mixed media but we also make flatter more traditional mosaics.

Do I need to be a creative person to take a class?
No!  The glass is so beautiful that even just fitting your favorite pieces of glass (that you choose out of a bin) together, and making a simple design is beautiful!  No drawing or artistic skills are needed.

Let me know if you have other questions!

Cheryl Cohen Mosaics Art Center
360 Woodland Street
Holliston, MA 01746






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