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The Little Green Phone Book Going the Way of the Pony Express

by Bobby Blair
October 20, 2018

A Holliston staple, the Little Green Phone Book is going the way of the ice man, coal man and land line phones. Susan Russo began the Little Green Phone books some thirty six years ago. When Charlie married Susan he became part of the business. Holliston's last Little Green Phone Book was mailed in June, and the last phone books for Ashland & Wrentham are to be mailed in coming weeks. Susan told the HollistonReporter.com that it was "with mixed emotions and a heavy heart we decided to discontinue books -- it is bittersweet." We sincerely appreciated the support & loyalty of our many customers. The couple said, "they are looking forward to new possibilities and challenges. Charlie piped in "do you know I teach golf."

Susan would like residents to know that they can stop by the office located at 110 Central Street, across from the CVS Pharmacy if they would like an extra phone book. Susan lamented that closing up shop was a "sign of the times and a general decline in printed phone books." For those like this writer who are visually impaired that can only mean purchasing a magnifying glass to read the Verizon phone book. While the couple both suggested their future may be in the managerial fields, those who know Charlie best can bet that really means more time on the links.


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Comments (6)

I've a collection of Little Green book covers and love them all. The map of Holliston inside the cover is a keeper, too . Thank you for publishing this local book for such a long time. Good luck on your future endeavors. Toni Clark

- Toni Clark | 10/22/18 12:05 PM

Oh no!! I love my little green book! Love being able to see phone numbers / addresses by streets in town! This is too bad. Thanks for making it all these years! I will miss it...

- Wendy Bruno | 10/21/18 2:49 AM

The Little Green Phone book is the rare treasure that connects the 20th and 21st century in every household and business Holliston. Thank you, Susan and Charlie for being a part of our story.

- Pam Zicko | 10/20/18 8:54 PM

Going to miss my little green book. It's quicker than getting my iPad out.

- Carolyn Brumber | 10/20/18 6:40 PM

Oh, no! I'm sad! I reach for your phone book so often; I cannot imagine what I will do without it. Thank you for so many years, though, and best of luck with your future endeavors.

- Mary Curran | 10/20/18 3:34 PM

Congrats on a VERY long run of The Little Green Phone Book! It's been a treasured resource for many years, alas like for many businesses, computers have changed the way we do things. Many thanks for serving our communities for so long with a high-quality publication. Very best wishes in your future endeavors (and yes, Charlie - I do expect you'll be on the golf courses, going for yet-another-hole-in-one....something like 30 or 31 now?).

- Kathy Hinds | 10/20/18 9:19 AM



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