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Is Town Meeting Doomed?

by Mary Greendale
October 26, 2018

Town Meeting Monday night needs 100 voter quorum to stop retail sales of marijuana - or not...it's up to us.

(The Pats are playing the Bills in Monday night football!)

We will likely have difficulty getting a quorum - that's 100 registered voters. Twice a year - that's it. Twice a year, we are expected to do our civic duty to attend Town Meeting and make decisions.

So if we don't go? 

  • Everything on the ballot stalls.
  • We stand to lose the opportunity to prohibit retail sales of marijuana.
  • The roof on the Parks building or the equipment purchases...all of it stalls.

And we will be forced to try another night.

Here's the Finance Committee report for the meeting. https://www.townofholliston.us/sites/hollistonma/files/uploads/fc_report_for_stm18_final.pdf

Please just attend on Monday, 7:30 pm High School Auditorium. 


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Comments (3)

Great, Jerry! Thanks. And yes, Natick has elected representatives. Holliston could adopt that form of government, too. There are any number of options - but the most common response I have heard over the years is this..."the people that go are the ones that really care and are informed. Let them have at it."

So that's what happens.

- Mary Greendale | 10/27/18 1:16 PM

Okay. Fine. I'll go. In Natick, they have elected town meeting members and those were always lively and well attended.

- Jerry S. | 10/27/18 8:41 AM

Mary, I pray you are wrong. Open town meetings are where John Q average American can have a direct say on matters that matter most to that individual. one reason I moved to Holliston was the open town meeting. If you are a taxpayer this is one way you have control of how your hard earned tax money is being spent. SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT ATTENDING.

- Jean Morrissey | 10/26/18 8:21 AM



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