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Name This Plant - Week 2

by Mark Ahronian
October 22, 2018

Name this plant is hosted by Ahronian Landscape. Be the first to place a correct answer in our comment section and win the plant.


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Comments (8)

Janet Horne is the winner ! I'll have it ready for you to pick up at the Ahronian Landscaping Office on Concord street,at the front door little stone wall there will be a ribbon on it with your name on it for this Saturday to pick up.

There is last weeks winner Gail your plant is at the front door of the Ahronian Landscaping Office with an orange ribbon with your name on it for pick up.

Congratulations !!

- Mark Ahronian | 10/25/18 6:29 AM

Was there a winner last week? If so, who? (Did I miss the answer?)

- John Losch | 10/23/18 11:29 PM

Tall Verbena

- Sandipan Mitra | 10/23/18 10:45 PM

Verbena Bonariensis Finesse

- Janet Horne | 10/23/18 12:08 PM

Getting close, what kind. ?

- Mark ahronian | 10/23/18 11:34 AM


- Sandipan | 10/22/18 2:24 PM

Is it a type of statice and can be used in dry form in arrangements?

- toni clark | 10/22/18 12:12 PM

I'm not sure, but I think purple verbena.

- Verna Hobson | 10/22/18 7:29 AM



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