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Police Log for Week of October 21 - 27, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
October 30, 2018

911. What is your emergency? It's cold in my house.

Wait for it.

October 21, 2018:

Suspicious activity, Jar Brook; report of door open at unoccupied house. HPD secured the door.

October 22:

Assist citizen, Goulding; caller reports no heat in the house. Advised to caller HVAC contractor.

Crash, 2114 Washington; two Holliston drivers collide trying to avoid out-of-town drivers.

Crash, 650 Marshall; Holliston resident reported an earlier crash with paperwork and paint exchanged.

Suspicious activity, Marked Tree; caller observed 3 students opening and closing multiple mail boxes. When questioned, they responded "Just checking them".

Complaint, pizza delivery man did not have change for large bill but said he would return later. Never showed up (note to complainant: that ruse only works for items under a dollar).

Animal incident, 523 Central; report of a dog running in the street. Then a 911 call reporting a lost dog which returned home during the 911 call (a leash is so much easier on everyone).

Suspicious activity, 24 Water; report of 3 males all in black hiding in a loading dock. GOA (hopefully delivered to somewhere far away).

Crash, Washington & Hollis; Medway driver finds a Holliston driver to meet.

October 23:

Assist citizen, walk-in requesting to speak with an officer regarding spam (don't eat it. Its a disgusting meat byproduct).

Repo Man snatches a 2011 Camry on Hopping Brook Park.

October 24:

Crash, 841 Washington; driver from New York thinks her car was hit while parked at the bank but then thinks maybe it was hit in Providence (Let's hope her deductible is low).

Suspicious activity, Bogastow Brook; walk-in requesting to speak to an officer regarding suspicious text messages (more Spam anyone?).

October 25:

05:30 AM, Suspicious activity, South; caller reports seeing a flashlight on neighbor's porch.

Crash, 89 Cross; Ohio and Tennessee drivers leave Holliston drivers alone for once.

October 26:

Traffic complaint, Washington & Hollis; caller reports west bound traffic on Washington blocks the intersection between 1 and 4 PM making it impossible to exit Hollis (Selectmen considering adding another light at Washington & Elm to keep back up traffic away from Hollis).

Animal incident, Hopping Brook; report of golden retriever with a red collar crossing the road several times. GOA.

Smoke & fire, Marked Tree; contractor left the work site with a fire burning in a barrel. Advised.

October 27:

Crash, Washington & Green; utility pole jumped in front of Holliston driver.

Crash, 1135 Washington; Medway picks on Holliston again.

Suspicious activity, Bald Hill; door bell continues to ring. HPD determined that the caller has been "ghosted" or "boo'd"

During the reporting period,  15 citations and 16 warnings were issued. Three erratic drivers were reported.




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Comments (2)

Alex got ahead of me this week. He was on the mark with his remarks.

- Jean Morrissey | 10/31/18 11:13 PM

This is the first time ive read the Police Log on HR. Bravo Paul for your humours take on item which is normally dreary and negitive. I love the pictures! Can't wait to see what kind of tricks and treats Halloween will fill next weeks blotter with. Cheers! Alex

- Alex Wheaton | 10/30/18 9:48 AM



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