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by Paul Saulnier
November 5, 2018

Candace Morgenstern was this year's guest speaker.

Active in garden clubs and floral design for over 25 years, Candace Morgenstern is "an Accredited National Garden Club Master Judge and has won awards for creativity throughout the United States and internationally", according to HGC member Susan Russo.

Attendees at Father Haley Hall at Saint Mary's Church in Holliston await Morgenstern's presentation of six holiday floral arrangements.

Garden Club co-chairs Deborah Kingston, above left, and Trista Ashtok, welcomed the more that 200 gardeners including several area garden clubs.

HGC member Susan Russo introduced Morgenstern who "is a former President of the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs and is currently a member of Newport and Tiverton Garden Clubs".

Candace's first arrangement began with a Styrofoam ring which she cut from a piece of rigid insulation purchased from Home Depot. After mounting, wrapping and stringing the ring, she slid in the calla lilies to create this "floating floral arrangement.

Next Candace started with a large pot about half full of sand for stability and a large curved Fall-colored arm. She apologized for using Oasis, insisting that sometimes it just can't be avoided.

Birch bark manipulated into multiple compartments, fastened together and mounted on a stand was the basis of this arrangement.

Water holding vials are wired together to keep them near the surface for watering later on.

Described by Candace as "an upside down Christmas Tree",  Created with liberal use of "Roadsideia" (sticks and leaves found on the sides of the road and/or edges of private property), the tree holds the white roses which are maintained by water tubes.

The fifth arrangement was comprised of 5 pieces, four glass vases and a star, which was covered by putting pine needles into a blender and mixed with thinned Elmers Glue and brushed on the star. Orchids are featured in a base of living moss over the dreaded Oasis.

New Years Eve is the theme of this arrangement of white orchids on a stand high above the base filled with moss. Candace thought this would function well at the center of the dining table as people could see under the arrangement.

HGC members and about 40 local businesses donated raffle items to help raise funds for the Garden Club's annual donations to Holliston organizations.

Above, Holliston's 2018 Citizen of the Year, Martha Ellis, is holding a handfull of tickets, two of which turned out to be winners.

Karen Pinkham was one of many HGC members working to make this event a success.

HGC members proved that their expertise is not limited to the garden as they prepared and donated a variety of delicious edible arrangements.

For more on the Holliston Garden Club, check out their web site, https://hollistongardenclub.org/

and their Face Book page: https://www.facebook.com/hollistongardenclub/


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Comments (1)

what beautiful arrangements I admire that talent.

- Jean Morrissey | 11/5/18 10:39 AM



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