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Police Log for Week of November 4 - 10, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
November 13, 2018

Resident on Regency tells interior decorator what she thinks of the new decor.

November 4, 2018:

Community interaction, Pleasure Point; advised fisherman that motorboats are not allowed on Lake Winthrop.

Parking Complaint, Elm; report of car parked near church with engine running. Caller reached in and turned off the engine. Advised to call HPD rather then enter vehicle (good advice).

Complaint, Regency; caller stated that neighbor has been screaming and throwing things out the window for the last 45 minutes (be patient; can't be much left in the house).

November 5:

00:39 AM, Highland & Prentice; car versus deer. both GOA.

Suspicious activity, Pilgrim; resident is hearing noises in the backyard. Area secure.

Crash, 89 Cross; Connecticut driver challenges guardrail and losses.

Crash, Concord & High; Attleboro versus Holliston. Hometown Automotive called. Tie score.

Fraud, Gorwin; on-line account.

November 6:

Crash, Locust; one Holliston driver involved. No details (just as well).

Crash, 703 Washington; Newport driver involves two Holliston drivers. Hometown Automotive and an ambulance called.

November 7:

Disabled vehicle, Concord; caller reports a car on the front lawn that shouldn't be there.

Crash, Washington Path; Framingham Honda into the woods. Hometown Automotive pulled it out.

Suspicious activity, Oak & Underwood; Elijah Mungai Bibiu selling windows door to door. Advised (switch to brushes. The case is much lighter).

November 8:

Repo man on Summer and Wilkins.

Suspicious activity, Oak; caller suspects that there is a person in the backyard. GOA.

Animal incident, Highland; loose "mutt" in the road. Owner found.

Crash, 751 Norfolk; car versus deer. Hometown Automotive took the car, Driver taken home. No word on the deer.

Crash, Washington & Central; Franklin versus Cranston. Both lost.

Suspicious activity, 1568 Washington; report of someone going through a storage trailer two nights in a row. GOA

08:00PM, Animal incident, Bow; owner reports dog named "Pete" missing.

Suspicious activity, Cranberry; male dressed in large white coat walking but ran into the woods when spotted by a resident. GOA

November 9:

Animal incident, Highland; loose dog reported. Owner found.

Crash, Exchange; UHaul truck versus Rail Trail bridge. Driver and passenger taken to hospital. (UHaul hauled away)

Crash, 12 Concord; Lowell versus Holliston. Minor.

November 10:

Animal incident, 137 Concord; report of dead deer on the side of the road. No need for the Dispatcher to dispatch the Dispatcher.

Erratic driver with summons, Highland & Prentice; apparent "drunk driver" stopped and asked for directions. HPD called and issued a summons to Alexander Robert Wheaton of Holliston for operating with a suspended license.

Disturbance, Depot Liquors; shop keeper refused to sell liquor to apparent intoxicated male.

Animal incident, Washington and Old Locust; car versus deer. Dispatcher dispatched Dispatcher to dispatch the deer (never gets old).

During the reporting period, 18 citations and 30 warnings were issued. Six erratic drivers were reported.



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Comments (1)

SAD WEEK FOR DEER. I think this the second week. If I am not mistaken November is hunting season, I guess we have found a new weapon. POOR DEER

- Jean Morrissey | 11/13/18 11:07 AM



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