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Tax Relief Programs for Seniors

by Mary Greendale
December 12, 2018

The information comes from the town website.

https://www.townofholliston.us/sites/hollistonma/files/file/file/tax_exemptions.pdf or call 508-429-0604. There is additional information through the office.

Tax Exemptions & Qualifications

1. Elderly Citizens Tax Exemption Qualifications 
Must be 70 years of age as of July 1
Income cannot exceed $20,000 (single person) or $30,000 (married persons)
Assets cannot exceed $28,000 (single person) or $30,000 (married persons)
Must have owned and occupied the real estate for five years. 

$600 exemption

2. Blind Citizens Exemption Qualifications
Must have a certificate from the MA Commission of the Blind as of July 1st each year an application is filed.  

$525 exemption

3. Widow, Widower, Person Over 70 or Minor Surviving Child Exemption Qualifications
Assets may not exceed $40,000
One must have owned and occupied real estate for five years 

$210 Exemption

4. Disabled Veterans Exemption Qualifications
There are several exemptions available for veterans with war-related disabilities, veterans with Purple Hearts, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross or Air Cross, and for surviving spouses of qualifying veterans. Please call the Assessors’ Office at 429-0604 for further information

Veteran’s exemptions

Clause Type Exemption

22(a) Veterans with minimum 10%service connected disability $480
22(b) Veterans of pre-World War I conflicts $480
22(c) Veterans awarded purple hearts $480
22(d) Spouses and surviving spouses of Clause 22(a) – (c) veterans $480
22(e) Gold star parents $480
22(f) Surviving spouses of World War I service members $480
22A Veterans who lost one hand, foot, or eye, or awarded certain service medals $900
22B Veterans who lost two hands, feet, or eyes $1500
22C Veterans with 100% disability and specially adapted housing $1800
22D Surviving spouses of service members or guardsmen who died from injury or disease due to being in combat zone, or are missing in action and presumed dead due to combat Full for the first five years
22E Veterans with 100% disability who are unable to work $1200 Paraplegic veterans Full

5. Tax Deferral 
Must be 65 years of age as of July 1st
Income cannot exceed $30,000
Must occupy the residence
If one qualifies, the annual amount varies at the discretion of the applicant
Applications are available in the Assessors’ Office at Town Hall. 

6. Hardship Exemption Qualifications
One must meet the requirements of age, disability, and financial hardship determined by the Board of Assessors
The amount of the exemption varies on a case-by-case basis.
Applications are available in the Assessors’ Office at Town Hall.
The Board requires a copy of each applicant’s IRS Income Statement from the previous year.



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Comments (1)

I love how the picture associated with an article about tax relief for senior citizens is a graveyard. We'll cut 'em slack but it won't be forever.

- Jimmy G | 12/15/18 7:49 PM



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