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Police Log for Week of December 2 - 8, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
December 11, 2018

Where is it written that kids shouldn't lie down in the middle of road if they want to? This is America.

December 2, 2018:

Two citations. Both to out-of-towners (makes up for last week).

December 3:

1 AM, Suspicious activity, Rail trail gazebo; multiple parties in the gazebo. Advised.

1:49 AM, Crash with arrest, 1419 Washington; Jorge A. Solis of Framingham for OUI liquor, reckless driving, marked lanes violations, failure to stop and possession of an open container of liquor (but at least he had a driver's license).

Check prisoner.

Animal 1292 Washington; dead deer on the sidewalk (Hwy had enough. Offered it to Water Dept).

Crash, Washington & Summer; Framingham versus Milford (excellent choice).

Complaint, Shaw Farm; resident received a call from Microsoft informing her that her driver's license has been "compromised"

Animal incident, 84 Prentice; car versus deer. (Driver claimed the dented remains).

Animal incident, 600 Central; black dog with collar on the loose.

Suspicious activity, Lowland; report of ATV on the rail trail. GOA.

December 4:

Crash, Highland & Prentice; typical Milford driver found Holliston car to bump into.

Animal incident, 370 Hollis; brown pincher on the loose. Owner claimed it (and paid $10,000 fine - $10.00 for each of the loose dog violations since the regulation was passed).

Animal incident, car versus deer - both kept going (BOLO for a deer with a red nose and stars in its eyes).

December 5;

Property damage, 811 Highland; car drove onto caller's lawn and into stone wall. Driver said she turned to avoid a car speeding from the opposite direction.

Crash, Governor Prence; Amazon delivery truck delivers white paint to Holliston car.

Crash, Holliston & Concord; two Holliston cars exchange paint and paper.

December 6:

Crash, 323 Woodland; two Holliston cars exchange side mirrors.

Civil matter, Rolling Meadow; resident reports that tree company dumped debris from previous work in his driveway over payment dispute. HPD mediated. Crew to return to remove limbs and branches.

Vehicle stop with summons, 10 Mill; Charles W. McGandy of Holliston for no inspection sticker and unlicensed operation.

First citation of the week issued to a Holliston driver (makes up for last week).

December 7:

2:42 AM, Motor vehicle check, Lowland; HPD observed car running in the driveway with the driver asleep. Operator lives at the residence ("Honey I'm home" not going to cut it?)

Crash, 137 Concord; two Holliston cars meet with air bag deployed. HFD and Hometown Automotive called (slow week for two Mikes).

Complaint, Rich & Skyview; caller reports that his daughter and friends were "lying in the middle of the road" when an SUV came speeding down the road and parked in a driveway nearby. Advised (the driver or the kids or the caller?)

During the reporting period, 15 citations and 13 warnings were issued. Four erratic drivers were reported.


Georgia has the most aggressive holiday drivers, according to GasBuddy. They must be really aggressive if we don't make it to top 10.

This week, a 9-year-old boy threw the first “legal” snowball in Severance, Colo. It was the culmination of a campaign the boy, Dane Best, had led to repeal a nearly century-old ban on snowball throwing in Severance, a town of about 6,000 people about 50 miles north of Denver.



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- Jean Morrissey | 12/11/18 5:20 PM



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