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Cains to Become New Publishers at HR

by Press Release
December 28, 2018

After thirteen years (several with the former Bobby Blair will step aside as publisher and head toward semi-retirement. Blair will continue to write articles for Holliston's hyperlocal online 'newspaper' which was founded in 2008. Blair became the publisher recently when co-founder Paul Saulnier went into semi-retirement.

Chris and Yvette Cain, recent Holliston transplants from Connecticut, assume the publishing role on the first of the New Year.  Both have found Hollistonians extremely welcoming and enjoy the small town feel and many offerings that bring our town its distinction.  Of most importance to them is continuing the Holliston Reporter as a service to the community.

Photo courtesy of Ken Robinson

Some of you have met Chris through his many recent articles, as well as his almost daily walks around town.  Yvette, a retired high school English teacher and educational consultant, is excited about this challenging opportunity. 

With the goal of providing fresh, reliable, and balanced reporting, the Cains hope to maintain the standards established by the founders and contributors.  The pair hopes their shared love of Holliston and their differing interests provide citizens a panoramic view of our town.


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Comments (5)

Congratulations, Chris and Yvette!

- Tina Hein | 12/30/18 10:34 PM

Enjoy your "semi-retirement" Bobby. After reading your articles on and off throughout your tenure I've enjoyed your vast knowledge of the happenings of the town of Holliston and history of the town.

I'm amazed at your memories of events, people, and such accurate details of these things.

Your commitment to the , as well as the many projects in town, such as the beautiful flowers that you have been doing for countless years. It has always brightened my trips through downtown, and now with the new street lights, adding to the already slow commute through downtown at rush-hour, that little extra brightness from those flowers, has on occasion, more than likely prevented me from enacting a road-rage incident, as I am quite sure that, that cheerful scenery has helped many others traveling at peak times enjoy that part of their commute's also.

To this day, I am still blown away by how you can easily recite a person's address if given a name, from your days as a Mail Man in town. Some of the stories you have shared with me about meeting people, sometimes in other states, nowhere near little old Holliston, and they tell you of relatives, deceased for decades, and you tell THEM the history of their family members. I am in awe of that!

Thank you Mayor for all your contributions to the , the many, many goings on throughout Holliston that you have your hands in, and above all, your friendship.

- Joseph Desmond | 12/29/18 8:38 PM

You two are a fabulous team in every sense of the word. Thanks for keeping HR alive and well.

- Paul Saulnier | 12/29/18 5:15 PM

Thank you, Mayuh-great work. And THANK YOU as well to the Cains. Happy new year

- Pat Fuller | 12/28/18 4:07 PM

Congrats to the new editors, it's great town to cover. Not a lot happens here but when it does you know it!

Bobby has be an excellent editor.

I'm sure we'll see you around town.

- Mark Schultz | 12/28/18 11:20 AM



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