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Police Log for Week of January 13 - 19, 2019

by Paul Saulnier
January 22, 2019

Subtle message to the husband on Westfield and Jack reported waundering on Winter.

 January 13, 2019:

Animal incident, 425 Washington; caller holding a lost dog for the ACO (nice work Bob).

Suspicious activity, Sabrina: car driving down the street with no lights on. Driver got out and walked around the house with a flashlight. GOA

January 14:

Family problem, Westfield; caller complaint that wife is throwing his stuff out the front door.

Disturbance, Exchange; male is breaking the back door trying to get into the house. Advised. 

Disturbance with arrest, Exchange; male returned. Jordan Murawski of Holliston arrested for trespassing.

Check prisoner.

Disturbance, Exchange; male returned after being released and taken back to HPD.

K 9 training, Placentino; sniffing out Beanie Boos.

January 15:

Crash, Washington and Central; Tractor trailer knocked over a light pole on the corner. HPD caught up with the truck near Willowgate Rise.

Complaint, Central; caller complained about the snow removal.

Crash, 370 Hollis; two Holliston residents meet unexpectedly in the parking lot.

Animal incident, School; caller found a small dog with a collar. Advised to call ACO (or just keep it).

January 16:

Smoke & Fire, Shea; report of possible house fire. Determined to be items left on the stove (obviously not Bobby Flay's kitchen).

January 17:

06:00 AM, Central & Franklin; complaint about loud machinery too early in the morning.

Civil matter, Cheryl; report of adjacent construction company bringing a dumpster across caller's side lawn and onto the construction site. Situation mediated.

Crash, 811 Highland; report of a truck and trailer that drove over caller's lawn and left the scene. "Juniors Excavating" written on side of the truck.

January 18:

Animal incident, 89 Brook; injured deer on the side of the road. Dispatched (it is hunting season year round for the Dispatcher).

January 19:

K 9 training, HPD; practicing sniffing out donuts.

Animal incident, 292 Winter; report of donkey in the road. GOA (probably heard about the Dispatcher).

During the reporting period, 14 citations and 13 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported (hundreds went unreported).



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Comments (1)

WOW ONE BUSY WEEK. Was there a full moon!!.

- Jean Morrissey | 1/22/19 8:59 PM



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