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Helping Prevent Overdose Losses

by From the Publisher's Desk
January 21, 2019

Many of us like to think that we and our families are free from the possibility of being impacted by addiction. This is like putting our head into the sand and overlooking what is happening all around us.

Even in our small community, we face the real threat of knowing someone who has had their lives touched by addiction. Worse yet, chances are we know someone who is fighting addiction today — and hopefully they are winning that battle.

Not a New Problem

In March of 2015, there was an article published online that talked about the very real threat heroin and other substances were in the Town of Holliston. Today, that threat continues — just because we recognize there is a problem doesn’t always mean we understand how best to address it. In fact, in 2018, when Lady of Fatima Shrine set up the butterfly garden dedicated to overdose victims, there were 40 bricks. There is little doubt there may be more at this time.

You Can Help Save a Life

If you are concerned a friend, family member or coworker may have a drug addiction issue, you can take steps to ensure you can help if you are around when they suffer an overdose. Massachusetts general laws allow for anyone to purchase the overdose rescue kit containing NARCAN without a prescription anywhere in Massachusetts.

One box of NARCAN which contains two nasal sprays can be purchased for approximately $130 cash price or your insurance may cover the cost. You should check with your pharmacist for pricing. CVS in Holliston is one of the pharmacies where you can purchase NARCAN. CVS also has instructions for how to safely deal with NARCAN and an overdose victim.

Resources for Those Fighting Addiction and Families

There are numerous resources for helping individuals and families who are fighting addiction including:

Don’t wait until it’s too late, reach out now for help and let’s keep this conversation going.


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addiction thrives in silence It is a disease that has no cure but can be controlled with the help of the listed numbers above. PLEASE REACH OUT.

- Jean Morrissey | 1/25/19 8:44 AM



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