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Police Log for Week of January 20 - 26, 2019

by Paul Saulnier
January 29, 2019

Reading all the crash reports you'd think it snowed last week.

If you crash into a hydrant, you should get to paint the new one any way you like.

January 20, 2019:

Vehicle stop with summons, 3213 Washington; Wilson Luciano Quitovasque of Milford for speeding, passing and reckless operation. Hometown Automotive called. Transported to Milford Dunks (Wilson's treat?).

Crash, 1575 Highland; car versus tree. Hometown Automotive called.

Complaint, Turner; report of children sledding on the hill (where is the SWAT Team when you need them?)

Crash, 662 Washington; Milford driver ran into a defenseless hydrant.(free car wash?). Hometown Automotive called.

January 21:

Crash, 1212 Washington; Medway versus snowbank.

Crash, 682 Norfolk; Hopkinton versus unknown.

Crash, 31 Regency; Holliston versus Medway

K 9 training; HPD

January 22:

Traffic complaint, 802 Washington; pedestrian crossing light continuously cycling with no pedestrians in sight. 

Road rage, HPD; Franklin and Rehoboth drivers take their issues to HPD for resolution (don't read this too often).

Fraud, Pinecrest; caller reports a fraudulent account opened in caller's name.

January 23:

02:22 AM, Erratic driver with arrest, 526 Washington; Allyn Hayes of Jamaica Plain for OUI liquor, reckless operation, marked lanes violations and resisting arrest.

Check prisoner.

Crash, Central & Norfolk; Franklin versus Millis. Hometown Automotive collected the loser.

Crash, 370 Hollis; two Hollston residents bump into each other in the parking lot.

Animal incident, Central & Gretchen; car versus deer. Deer ran off (demanding a "Deer Crossing" sign).

11:00 PM, Repo Man on Curve Street.

January 24:

Check prisoner.

Road hazard, caller reports Concord Street flooded north bound near Ashland line. Mass DOT notified (one shovel, one worker and five minutes later a simple ditch fixed this recurring problem).

Crash, 850 Highland; Franklin versus Framingham. Hometown Automotive called (hope the Franklin driver has uninsured motorist insurance).

Crash, Washington & Summer; two more Holliston residents meet to compare insurance coverage.

K 9 training, HPD; paper work.

January 25:

02:30 AM, road hazard, Central; report of animal in the roadway.

06:00 AM, selective enforcement, Union & Exchange; 17 cars, 28 mph max speed recorded.

Noise complaint, Central & Franklin; report of neighbor operating a vehicle maliciously in driveway (there should be a law against being mean to a vehicle).

Animal incident, South; dead deer on the side of the roadway. Hwy called.

 K 9 trainig, Boynton.,

B & E, Morgan's Way; group of kids trying to break into caller's truck.

January 26:

Crash, Washington & Highland; GOA.

K 9 training, Boynton.

During the reporting period, 11 citations and 14 warnings were issued.  2 erratic drivers were reported.


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Comments (3)

Excellent suggestions, Warren.

- Paul Saulnier | 1/31/19 7:29 PM

I saw on TV the other day a police officer wanting a law passed to require the operator of a vehicle being stopped at night to put on the inside light of the vehicle. I think this is a good idea and would like to bring it to everyone's attention. Along with this to keep your hands in plain view of the officer. Wait for the officer to ask for your license and registration before doing so. We owe it to all police officers to let them know their life isn't at risk. Any other thoughts ?

- warren legee | 1/30/19 8:15 PM

This was a delightful read thank you for making my day.

- Jean Morrissey | 1/29/19 2:42 PM



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