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New Trash Bins Selected

by Bobby Blair
March 5, 2019

John Horack of EL Harvey, the winning trash company, made a presentation Monday night as to the different sized containers available to residents come July 1st.

Proving that bigger is not always better, the board selected the middle sized barrel below which holds 55 gallons. Residents will have two barrels, one for trash and another for recyclables. Every resident may not have the new containers come July 1st, but the program will be phased in over the month with the new contractor taking away residents' old barrels


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Comments (11)

Definitely wouldn't have wanted the largest size but will there be an option to select the smaller size maybe even just for recycle? As empty nesters - we don't have a lot of either trash or recycle - and also not a lot of space in our garage (where we currently can fit the recycle bins close to the door into the house and a trash barrel close to the large garage door).

- Debbie Colburn | 3/17/19 9:14 AM

I'm too old and have been around the block too many times to think this is solely in our best interests. If it were, they certainly would have given us the largest size, and I am sure the different sizes have different costs to the town. In my humble opinion, 55 gallons is tiny, and as you can see from the design (like a ice cream false bottom or a cereal box not filled), it is made to look larger than it is. There are many indentations and concave areas.

While I like a large, one bin recycle solution and one that hopefully doesn't require us to sort materials, once again size matters and those of us that put out multiple recycle bins may be limited by the one middle size recycle bin.

BTW, I paid for my barrels and do not want anyone to take them.

I surprised myself that I would have so many opinions on the subject of trash. :O


- Sean ONeill | 3/10/19 7:17 PM

So much more efficient. Good decision.

- Paul Barden | 3/10/19 6:10 PM

Back in my fathers day they just burned garbage. No one had to worry about schedules and bin sizes.

- Jimmy Gagliardo | 3/9/19 7:33 AM

Would have preferred the largest size barrel. The smaller size just leads to more over-flowing barrels that the birds tear through and scatter trash in the streets.

- Louis A Tabaldi | 3/7/19 12:14 PM

Time to rotate the pick-up schedules!! New company, new containers, NEW SCHEDULES!!!

- Claire Bresnahan | 3/6/19 1:20 PM

This is a huge win. If I had to bet I would have said we would have selected the smallest barrel possible.

- Bill Littlefield | 3/6/19 9:18 AM

Just out of curiosity, why was the middle size chosen? Would it cost the town more money for the larger size? If so what was the price difference? Thank you!

- Tricia Clark | 3/6/19 8:08 AM

Do we know yet if the pickup schedule will be the same?

- Ellen Healy | 3/5/19 12:36 PM

They shouldn't take "old" barrels. They belong to us. Republic never issued barrels, we had to purchase our own.

- Bob Graham | 3/5/19 10:10 AM

If you have a lot of trash one week, can you still purchase the two dollar trash stickers and place the material next to the container?


- Bill Duffy | 3/5/19 8:20 AM



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