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Special Olympians Will Highlight Their Hockey Skills

by Meg Camire
March 15, 2019

"Let me win.  But if I cannot win, Let me be brave in the attempt."   Special Olympics, The Athlete’s Oath

The communities of Holliston, Ashland, Medfield, Medway and Millis will be hosting the 7th annual 5 Town School Day Games on Friday, March 22nd at Holliston High School.

The annual event supports Holliston Public Schools’ daily mission of promoting a culture of inclusion, acceptance, and respect.  If you are a Bruins fan you may have also noticed that a focus for the district this year has been, “B Inclusive”.

Planning for the big event started in September as a group of Holliston staff came together to determine the sport for athletes to compete in.  This year the we will celebrate student athletes showcasing their hockey skills.

On the big day you will see how staff and students have taken a favorite winter pastime and made it accessible for student athletes from the five communities.  There will be no ice rink or ice skates, but you may be able to see hockey players using plastic sticks with oversized “toes” (bottom of the stick) shooting soft pucks on net. Current high school athletes will be in goal or assisting at a station as classmates play alongside each other in a sport that Special Olympic athletes may otherwise never have participated in.  

If you know a student athlete, fan, or would just like to support the Special Olympics 5 Town School Day Games, please reach out to Meg Camire, Director of Student Services, camirem@holliston.k12.ma.us  

We hope you are able to be part of this great event.

Events on the 22nd are as follows:

·         9:15 - Parade through town with buses and first responder vehicles from the 5 towns to HHS from Stoddard Park 

·         9:45 - Athletes Parade through HHS Halls and enter Field House 

·         10:00 - Opening Ceremonies in Field House 

·         10:25 - Stations Begin 

·         11:45 - Award Ceremony 


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