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Library Program Produces Monet-like “Artists"

by Yvette Cain
March 23, 2019

Twenty-seven lucky participants created amateur masterpieces with Greg Maichack, award-winning artist, at the Library’s program “Sail Away on the Craft of Pastel Painting,” on Thursday evening.  Maichack led us (yes, me, too!) through a 2½ hours workshop, subsidized by the Friends of the Library, who bring Holliston many and frequent programs for little or no cost; the Friends’ group supported all but a $5 materials’ fee for Maichack’s expertise. 

Maichack provided his pastel version of Claude Monet’s Impressionist painting, “Sailboat at Le Petit-Gennevilliers,” as well as sailboat “reference photos” for this evening’s masterpiece. 

Distributing pencils, rulers, paper, pastels, and dripping instructional nuggets into our ears, Maichack described, modeled, and gently persuaded art works from everyone in attendance.  My favorite nugget was a technique for applying pastels called “scumbling.”   By scumbling, that is applying light layers of color onto the paper by holding the chalk’s edge, each of us produced a very unique scene that resembled, but perhaps did not replicate, Maichack’s models. 

When at last our water, sailboat, and hillside appeared, Maichack encouraged us to “dream into the sky.”  Several techniques aided our creation of clouds, atmosphere, and background that popped our sails into view.  Both sides of the brain: the “engineering side” and the “spatial or feeling” side were engaged by Maichack’s instruction.  From sketching a 9-square grid on our paper to “dreaming into” our sky, our brains were working overtime to produce our private masterpiece.

If you were among those who were wait-listed for this workshop, Maichack is repeating it at the Sherborn Public Library on Thursday, April 4, through a grant from the Sherborn Cultural Council.  Registration is required and may be completed online. 

Gregory Maichack’s website may be viewed at this link: http://www.GregoryMaichack.com


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