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Police Log for Week of March 31 - April 6, 2019

by Paul Saulnier
April 9, 2019

Mission Springs likely to be overrun with snakes like the one reported in the living room of one of the units.

March 31, 2019:

02:00AM, Smoke & fire, 84 Elm (Timothy Daniels House): burnt food on the stove (a little early to be serving breakfast, Jim).

Vehicle stop with summons, 90 Concord; Gary Lee LaBonty of Milford for 19-290-OF.

Disturbance, Washington & Central; road rage. Parties advised.

April 1:

Animal incident, 100 Summer; caller reports a snake in the living room under the TV. Black with a red stripe, unknown length. ACO notified. Determined to be the cable line for the TV.

6:30PM, Assist citizen, 1070 Washington; caller stated she is "cold and lonely" and requested an officer. Then stated "my ride is here" and hung up.

K 9 training, Lowland and Boynton.

April 2:

Crash, 254 Prentice; one Holliston driver put another Holliston driver onto the sidewalk. Hometown Automotive came by to put it back in the street.

Animal incident, Central; a black lab was lost, but now it's found. Amen.

April 3:

Vehicle stop with arrest, 118 Washington; Rita M. DaSilva Branco of Franklin was driving through town when Holliston's Finest noticed she had no inspection sticker. Not a smart thing to do with an outstanding warrant on her and she didn't have a driver's license.

Fraud, Middlesex Savings Bank; John reported that someone passed a bad check.

Crash, 123 Washington; two Hollistonians created more work for Hometown Automotive.

10 PM, Complaint, Hollis; school field lights on.

April 4:

375 Concord; report of dead deer on the sidewalk.

Suspicious activity, Grove; report of a Millenial walking and talking to himself. GOA.

Crash, Washington & Pleasant; Bellingham versus Holliston. Minor.

Crash, 703 Washington; another 2-fer for Hollistonians (probably just paid their taxes and were already in a bad mood).

Suspicious activity, Rail Trail; report of persons placing a string across the trail at shoulder height.

April 5:

Animal incident, Marshall; dead deer on side of the road. Hwy called. Fire up the barbie. Wait. The deer is not dead. Turn off the barbie. Wait. Hwy called the Dispatcher to dispatch the Dispatcher. Fire up the barbie again.

Crash, 1011 Washington; Natick takes a run at Holliston and gets an air bag and talcum powder in the face. No personal injuries.

April 6:

02:00 AM, Crash, Washington & Pope; Milford driver violated section 90/34j (no insurance) and 23h (no license).

Larceny, 600 Central; report of stolen wallet from church (God saw you take it so give it back).

During the reporting period, 66 citations and 33 warnings were issued (where would you like the toaster delivered?). Two erratic drivers were reported.

HPD logged 343 calls last week.



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A lot of fun stuff goes on at Mission Springs, like drinking Equal Exchange coffee I buy at the shrine to go with my Holliston Reporter. What could be better than that?

- jean morrissey | 4/9/19 11:01 AM



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