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Civics Sunday: Meet the Candidates - Part 3

by The Publishers
May 12, 2019

The candidates for election to the one vacancy on the Select Board have submitted the following statements to the Holliston Reporter.  They appear in alphabetical order by last name.


The candidates for election to the one vacancy on the Select Board have submitted the following statements to the Holliston Reporter.  They appear in alphabetical order by last name.

Matthew Colletti:

I am Matthew Coletti of Summitpointe Drive, a candidate for Selectman. As a resident of Holliston since 2009 with my wife, and father of two school-age children, I am committed to ensuring Holliston remains an attractive place to live, work and grow.

I believe the town’s priorities should be: (1) water and waste service infrastructure; (2) improvements to public school facilities and other public buildings while also identifying mixed-use opportunities; (3) excellence in education; (4) parks, recreation and open space improvements; and (5) community programs and services for all ages. These priorities help to create a safe and vibrant environment which attracts new residents and businesses to sustain our community.   

My community service over the years demonstrates my commitment to the Town of Holliston and its residents. For example, I have supported local business while serving on the town’s Economic Development Committee for the past two years, where I currently serve as Vice-Chair. In my recent appointment to the 9 Green Street Committee, a committee tasked with exploring options for property adjacent to Goodwill Park, I will advocate for solutions which benefit the business community and recreation.  I supported the public-school community when serving on the School Committee Kindergarten Tuition Task Force. I also enjoy volunteering as a youth lacrosse, baseball and soccer coach. Throughout all these endeavors, I have delivered innovative thought, creativity and energy.  

Lastly, I believe my professional experience and education will add value to this role, for the benefit of the community. I have been a financial services executive for greater than ten years in a legal, compliance and operations capacities with responsibility for managing large teams and substantial assets for publicly traded financial institutions. I hold an MBA from Boston University and a JD from New England Law | Boston, and remain an actively licensed attorney in Massachusetts.

Ultimately, through this position I aim to serve as a representative voice for both the present and future generations of Holliston. I would appreciate your vote on May 21st. 


Christina 'Tina' Hein:

“Having grown up in Holliston, and raising my family here, I have a good sense of the strengths of the community. With a pause in my full-time career, I have the time, focus and desire to give back to the community to which I owe so much.”

Hein is a graduate of Holliston High School and Simmons University. She is a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) since 1995, currently works at Milford Regional Medical Center and is an item writer for a PT national exam prep course.  Until July 2018 she served as an Assistant Professor at Bay State College in Boston. “My professional career has taught me that being an effective leader means being compassionate, accountable, and an active listener.”

She has served in a wide variety of volunteer capacities including: Holliston Rail Trail Committee; Holliston Parent Teacher Organization; Altar Server Ministry at St. Mary’s Parish, and Board of Directors for Bluefish Swim Team Boosters.

During the process of working with different town departments and consultants to address traffic concerns in her neighborhood, Hein says, “I came to understand that traffic problems exist town wide, which limit the potential of our businesses, threaten to erode our neighborhoods, and impact the safety and health of our residents.” Hein understands there are complex issues affecting seniors and the schools, having family members here in both age groups, and views walkability as one of several common issues. “I am running, in part, because I have a broad vision for improved walkability and safety throughout town. This has developed into an added interest in town planning and greater sustainability. I know Holliston can thrive using 21st Century solutions to maintain our small-town community, as others in our region have done.”

Some of Hein's goals as a BOS candidate include: holding weekly office hours to hear from residents; answering the call for collaboration among departments to reinforce public trust with a Vision 2030 Task Force or Ideas Exchange; forming of a Traffic Advisory Committee; advocating for a Sustainability Coordinator for Holliston, and adopting State legislation to lower speeds in residential neighborhoods and retail areas across town.

Hein credits her PT and teaching career, as well as her volunteerism and activism for developing the necessary leadership skills and passions to serve the public.  “To be effective on the Board of Selectmen, I will dedicate myself to learn about, understand and analyze issues; collaborate to reach reasonable innovative solutions to issues brought before the Board; listen earnestly and participate in respectful, thoughtful dialogue, and embrace diverse points of view. I believe I will be a constructive member of the BOS and a benefit to the residents of Holliston.” 

“I look forward to serving the town I grew up in and have lived in for nearly 40 years. I am open and willing to serve and I ask for your vote on May 21.”

For more information, please visit Hein for Holliston on Facebook or contact by email at chein9853@gmail.com.


Joseph 'Jay' Marsden:

For nine years it has been my honor and pleasure to serve you as Selectman.  Being a Selectman means being a part of a team.  It is my good fortune to work with dedicated and talented individuals in all Town departments, including other Selectmen with whom I’ve served.

Some of the accomplishments I am most proud of during my tenure include the following:


The transformation of the Highway and Water departments into one Department of Public Works. Both these organizations are now coordinated under one central management structure that allows for the better delivery of critical services to the Town. 

The OPEB Trust Fund

Holliston and 351 other MA cities and towns have made promises to our employees concerning retirement benefits.  I testified on Beacon Hill in support of this important legislation for long-term financial strength for towns and their retirees. We in Holliston are serious about our promise and put $1.5M into a separate Trust fund.  Cooperation and coordinated effort with the Finance Committee has created our solid financial footing, maintained our high bond rating, and reduced our borrowing costs, thus saving Holliston more money over the long term.

The Casino

In some cases, accomplishments can be best defined by what was not accomplished. When it became clear that there was movement to place a massive casino complex on Holliston’s western boundary with Milford, myself and a number of local elected officials formed an Inter Municipal Agreement and sought funding from each town to provide a counterpunch to the onslaught of information about how the region was going to “benefit” from a casino. I believe these efforts helped shed light on what challenges Holliston and surrounding towns would face should the project be approved. It was not, and I believe that was the better outcome.

The Lights Downtown

Love em’ or hate em’, like choosing your next Selectman, it’s a personal choice. This issue had been discussed in Town for many years, and I understand that passions run high around the final product. Speaking for myself as a parent with a teenage driver, with kids who walk downtown, and as a business owner located downtown, when I see the order the lights bring to what was already going on with traffic, I think in the long run it has been, and will be well worth it. 

The Future

Holliston needs to improve the processes and procedures that help the Town and its service delivery folks to deliver paid services in a consistent manner.  The simple message is, systems run Towns, and people run systems, regardless of who in Town government is providing those services.  As people retire from government positions, having consistent and effective policies and procedures in place means a better experience for all.

As we look to the future capital needs of a number of facilities in Town (new DPW department, new Water Foundry, new Water Treatment plant, possible new High School, water pipe replacement) having the right policies and procedures in place will make for a more organized, informed, efficient effort, as we address each of these and any other unknown issues facing the Town.

I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote on May 21, so that I may continue put my nine years of experience to work for the Town to help move Holliston forward in a way that benefits us all.

Sincerely, Jay Marsden


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Comments (5)

The increasing traffic that has developed over the years sheds light on the safety issues in and around the only high school in Holliston where I live. After a head on collision which I am currently healing from I would welcome a Selectman who cares about Public Safety as a whole. Traffic Law Enforcement clean water and Economic growth.

Stuart H. Primus

- Stuart H. Primus | 5/15/19 10:58 PM

Good point, Chris. In discussing priorities, I admit one could take for granted that Holliston is, and will remain, safe. It's a testament to the dedication of our first responders. I would seek to understand their needs and priorities. They would have my support. I imagine the same is true of the other candidates here.

- Matt Coletti | 5/14/19 8:45 PM

None of the 3 mentions anything about improving public safety? What about adding full time firefighter/paramedics to the Fire Department? More police officers on shift? Just traffic lights and the schools. Ugh

- Chris Pierce | 5/13/19 10:09 PM

Our apologies. We have corrected the error.

- Christopher H Cain | 5/13/19 9:17 AM

Actually, it's Joseph (Jay) Marsden.

- Jay Marsden | 5/12/19 12:29 PM



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