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Police Log for Week of May 12 - 18, 2019

by Paul Saulnier
May 21, 2019

Hit me, I dare you.

May 12, 2019:

9:30 PM, Flash-bang, 100 Washington; transformer blew up. Power out around Washington, High and Woodland.

Three citations and three warnings, tree limbs down, a sign complaint (typical high crime Sunday).

May 13:

Suspicious activity, Washington & Central; report of a male walking. Transported to Framingham line. Times have changed. Thirty years ago a man running down the street would have been suspicious.

Another sign complaint. No details. Another sign of the times: if you want details check Facebook.

K 9 training, 201 Summer.

Animal incident, Hopping Brook Park; report of dead animal in the roadway, creating a "road hazard" according to the caller (but not as hazardous as it was for the animal).

Crash, 1292 Washington; Northbridge versus Ashland in stop & go traffic. Hometown Automotive took one home.

7 PM, Disturbance, Washington; report of a male trying to force a female with several bags into a car. According to the caller, both appeared intoxicated. HPD located the pair.

May 14:

4:30 PM, Selective enforcement, Mechanic & Pleasant. No details

K 9 training, 201 Summer.

May 15:

Crash, Central & Franklin; Hudson versus Holliston. Minor.

Vehicle stop with summons, 492 Washington; Eliomara DePaula-Marinho-Guer of Framingham for 90 - 9. Transported to Dunks.

May 16:

Animal incident, Washington & Underwood; one car versus a deer, then a second car takes on the deer. Still the deer ran off.

Crash, 89 Cross; Mendon versus Illinois delivery truck.

Smoke/fire, Rolling Meadow.

May 17:

Animal incident, Hanlon; horse in the road (now that's a road hazard). GOA.

Animal incident, Adams; brown & white pony on the loose.

May 18:

Crash, Washington & High; car versus bicycle. One person taken to hospital.

Abandoned motor vehicle, Harness; caller reports abandoned Dodge Ram parked near neighbor's house. GOA (apparently but too abandoned).

Traffic complaint, Highland; caller reports road rage with older blue muscle car.

Traffic enforcement, Mechanic & Pleasant.

Vehicle stop with summons, 444 Washington; Leocione Carlos Ferreira of Framingham for 90-7 and 90-10

Disturbance, 406 Washington; report of customer refusing to leave the business. Verbal tresspass issued.

Animal incident, Winter & Stagecoach; car versus deer.

During the reporting period, 27 citations and 19 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported. Dispatchers logged 309 calls


A man in Lincoln, Nebraska, learned that sometimes you just have to let it go, man. Just let it go. He arrived home one day to find he’d been burgled and that his favorite hookah pipes were missing. So he called the cops. But it was he who ended up in jail after police arrived and found the pot plants he was growing. Source: Azcentral.com


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