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Memorial Day Tribute - An Original Poem

by The Publishers
May 26, 2019

Publishers' Note: We received this original poem from Douglas Brown asking if we would consider posting it.  We are honored to do so on behalf of all who have made the ulitmate sacrifice to keep us free.  Thank you Mr. Brown.

Publishers' Note: We received this original poem from Douglas Brown asking if we would consider posting it.  We are honored to do so on behalf of all who have made the ulitmate sacrifice to keep us free.


They defend the land for you and me,
To protect our precious liberty.
Throughout the world,
Each night and day.
They’re standing guard and in harm’s way.

Mothers, fathers, sisters too,
Do know too well what they must do,
And why they answered freedom’s call,
While their spouses fear that they may fall.

There are some times it hurts to say,
When our heroes do come home to stay.
Their grieving families hear a bugle play,
And a folded flag is passed their way.

They’ve sacrificed their lives for us,
And their buddies that they had to trust.
They fought so hard their jobs well done,
So many rest at Arlington.

Too bad it had to be that way,
That’s still the price we have to pay.
Till tyranny and hate can end,
They are the ones that we must send.

So honor them this day in May.
And do not let it slip away.
They are the ones who died for you,
It’s the very least that you can do.

And then there are the lucky ones,
Who were not killed by foreign guns.
With tortured bodies maimed too soon,
Or nightmares of their doomed platoon.

Acknowledge well our casualties,
Who’ll never live a life of ease.
Now everything they try to do,
Reminds them of what they’ve been through.
Please lend a hand and do be kind,
A thoughtful word could ease their minds.


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