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Holliston’s Middle School Musical Sweeps Top Categories at METG Awards

by Press Release
June 16, 2019

Broadway in Boston Presents:

Musical Awards 2019

“The Addams Family” Takes Home Four Trophies Including Best Overall Production at the 2019 MET Musical Awards.

“The Addams Family” Takes Home Four Trophies Including Best Overall Production

Monday night, June 10th, the cast and crew of Holliston’s Robert Adams Middle’s school production of The Addams Family took a bus into Boston to attend the 2019 MET Musical Awards (Massachusetts Educational Theatre) at the Berklee Center of the Performing Arts. When the bus headed home a few hours later, it was several pounds heavier after the production claimed four awards in the Middle School categories, including Best Acting Ensemble, Best Lead Actress, Best Lead Actor, and the overall award for Best Musical Production.

When Director Beth Hecker and her cast performed the show in late March, they knew they had a hit on their hands from the audience response. But this was the first year The Re-Act Players, the middle school’s after-school drama club, had entered into the yearly musical awards run by the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild.

“Even prior to the show being cast, Ms. Abalutzk and I decided to put our hat in the ring,” confessed Mrs. Hecker. “We knew this would be an educational experience for the students. Plus we felt like we’ve had successful shows in the past. So, knowing how talented this year’s students were, we thought we might have a chance to be nominated.”

This year, 19 middle schools entered the competition and each had four separate adjudicators attend the show on three different nights, where the students and adults received oral and written feedback. These adjudicators’ recommendations and comments were reviewed by the METG awards committee who determined which schools would be nominated and for which categories.

It was a long wait, but on May 29th, Mrs. Hecker received notification the show had been nominated in 10 different Middle School categories, including tech, lights, make-up, scenic design, best ensemble acting, best ensemble dance and best overall performance. In addition, the show saw three individuals singled out for performance categories.

Colleen Malvey was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Wednesday Addams, while Teddy Peters got a nod for Best Lead Actor as Gomez Addams and Allison Hurd made the short-list of Best Lead Actresses for playing Morticia Addams. Just as importantly, several students had earned the opportunity to perform live at the awards show at Berklee in front of several-hundred theatre fans.

"This was definitely the most amount of people I ever performed in front of,” admitted Hurd,  “So I was obviously very nervous. But we had practiced so much that once I got on stage, I just had fun. And when I came back to my seat after winning, I almost got pig-piled because so many people were hugging me.”


Kaitlyn Irons and Henry Berg joined Malvey, Peters and Hurd when they all took the stage just after intermission of the awards show and delighted the audience with a cut-down version of “When You’re an Addams,” the opening song of the show. At the time, the RAMS cast and crew had yet to win an award, but they went on to cash in the rest of the night, with Peters and Hurd claiming Best Lead Actor and Actress honors respectively and the show winning Best Acting Ensemble and the coveted, top prize, Best Overall Production.

Even days later, Teddy Peters was still riding high. “I don’t think any of us expected to win or felt like we needed to win for it to be a big deal. But when they kept calling our names, all I could think was ‘Hey! That’s pretty good! Let’s keep this going.’”


Becki Abaltuzk, who teaches music at RAMS and was the musical director of the show, felt the students got more than recognition from their big night. The caliber of performances at the METG Awards Ceremony was beyond anything I had imagined. I also feel that seeing what other schools can do has inspired them for next year, and how they can continue to push themselves.”

The entire cast and crew enjoyed a loud and musical ride back to Holliston after the awards show and will take time to let their success sink in before setting their sights on picking next year’s musical. It will literally be a tough act to follow, but now that the Re-Act players have gotten a taste of spotlight, it’s a challenge Mrs. Hecker is confident they’ll look forward to.

“I think the most important part of this experience was getting the feedback from the adjudicators. We were able to learn what we did right and what we can do to improve. Being the ‘newbies’ in this competition and receiving ten nominations with four wins was icing on the cake.”

Submitted by: Shawn Peters (PR writer) and Beth Hecker (Director Re-Act Players)


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Comments (3)

Having seen all four performances, I knew this cast and crew were special. The awards simply confirmed what I felt in my heart all along. Congrats, one and all.

Oh, and the article was a prizewinner, too, in the eyes of this old journalist.

- Gil Peters | 6/19/19 8:51 PM

Wow, that is impressive! Congratulations.

- Mary Greendale | 6/18/19 8:41 PM

CONGRATULATIONS to all! So we'll deserved!!

- Stacey Raffi | 6/16/19 2:18 PM



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