Water Usage Analyzed

by Jeff Weise
September 14, 2010

Water Usage Analyzed

To the Residents of Holliston:


Holliston’s expanded Mandatory Water Use Ban was lifted on September 1st.  To all who complied with the emergency request: Thank you!

To the Residents of Holliston:

Holliston’s expanded Mandatory Water Use Ban was lifted on September 1st.  To all who complied with the emergency request: Thank you!

This past summer offered some beautiful beach days and weather for other outdoor activity.  However, the very unusual, near drought conditions also threatened the water supply in Holliston and many surrounding communities.  A substantial reduction in water use was needed.  The collective sacrifices made by all were helpful and very much appreciated.

We are investigating the cause of the four large usage spikes.
They occurred on Thursday 7/8, Sunday 7/25, Tuesday 8/3 and Monday 8/30.

Jeff Weise
Chairman, Holliston Board of Water Commissioners.


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Comments (10)

OK Mark, enlighten us. Where would the Mayor put 900,000 gals. of water on Sunday 7/25? He must have a big tank. It's time to chill Mark. Keep up the good work Mayor.

- Herb Krauss | 9/17/10 2:42 PM

I think Mark is just a negative thinker and could find no good in anything anyone does. He probably goes to bed that way and wakes up that way. (Hey Mark, a challenge for you..maybe you should ride with the Mayor for one week to actually see how politically connected he really is as you seem to know so much about the man) Then volunteer in 3 of your community organizations and see what rewards you might reap! It is a wonderful way to learn about how connected the people of your town really are! (without the politics) it just might turn your negativity around. As for the Mayor, you are one of a kind and am greatful you live in my town! Keep up the good work.. we need more people like you!

- JMN | 9/17/10 11:43 AM

All of the water used was recorded by individual meters and will be billed appropriately at the end of this quarter. The point of this graph was to indicate that because of this year's draught conditions we started the summer season with very high demand. However, when the potential shortage was announced and residents were asked to conserve they promptly did so. Again, Thank you! Chris, the Water Board meets from 6:30 to 9PM every other Wednesday night, and opens each meeting with an opportunity for public comment. If you have specific thoughts about cost reduction opportunities, or would simply like to learn more about Holliston's water supply, please feel welcome to attend.

- Jeff Weise | 9/17/10 11:05 AM

If Mark had watched closely, the Mayor's water wagon was dragged around town every other night with a water usage of about 100 gallons each night which was dispersed with a hand held device. Oh by the way Mark, all those political connections didn't water a single basket for a volunteer effort which paid $00.000, not to mention my own gas money. But your comments Mark bring to mind the adage, "Let no good deed go unpunished".

- Mudville Mayor | 9/17/10 9:55 AM

I'm not angry at the graphic communication provided by the water department, the time/money saving technology they installed, the reality that scarcer resources cost more - however inconvenient that is for our wasteful lifestyles - and I'm certainly not upset by flowers. Perhaps because it takes energy to fire off an opinion, and anger raises our energy, it's natural to expect more vitriolic responses. We all have reason to be indignant these days and it's right to gather the real facts and speak truth to power. Yet the people who serve our community in their own best way deserve to hear as much from those of us who appreciate them as they do from those who are driven to complain. So, I submit this as a plea for a return to courtesy and constructive involvement. For those who truly care about the well-being of our community, choosing to speak up about solutions rather than to dwell on problems can be a private consolation as well as a public boon.

- SMT | 9/17/10 2:58 AM

I wonder if those spikes correspond to days when the Mudville Mayor filled his water wagon? I noticed that even though we were in an outdoor water ban, he (politically connected) was still dragging that thing all over town watering those hideous hanging baskets.

- Mark | 9/16/10 4:24 PM

oh yeah, increase the water bills by 25% over three years also. Thats a brilliant idea for an economy like this. Government is so wasteful and incompetent. Increases by 10% a year, we have no rights to say "hey wait a minute" just suck it up...

- chris | 9/16/10 9:51 AM

Government loves to hand out graphs so we can see "factual data." I'm much more interested to know why we supported an overide and in Fincom report we see pensions and benefits increase by 7.8%. It is sick, tax the crap out of residents so we can pay for other peoples retirements and benefits...

- chris | 9/16/10 9:48 AM

Weren't the new meters supposed to give us better real-time information on where the water was going? How can those spikes in "Gallons Metered" occur without knowing where the water is being used. The spike on 7/25 is double the town's usage on surrounding days.

- Lou | 9/15/10 12:17 PM

This article is interesting, but would be more useful to understand how these numbers compare to normal useage when Holliston is not under a water ban. What %age did we save?

- GP | 9/15/10 10:31 AM



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