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A Letter of Thanks

by Jackie Dellicker
August 29, 2011

Few seem to realize how lucky we in Holliston are --

Thank You to all the Holliston Firefighers, Police, Highway and emergency people who were busy all during Hurricane & Tropical Storm Irene.

They spent a very busy day handling downed trees and wires, flooded basements and other storm relates issures. And here it is Monday, a beautiful day and they are still out handling storm related issues.

We residents of Holliston are so fortunate to have such dedicated people who spend so much time & effort to keep us all safe. To do this they must leave their families and loved ones to "fend for themselves"-- so a huge Thank You to their families as well.

Now-a-days so much is taken for granted and expected. Few seem to realize how lucky we in Holliston are to have such dedicated men & women who are out in these storms to keep our town safe.  So, for lack of better words, Thank You to each & every one of you who were in the Irene storm (and your families) to keep our Town as safe as possibe.

Jackie Dellicker


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Comments (4)

When my dad asked if we were all hunkered down in the storm, I said that my husabd was out delivering generators to the residents who had flooded basements. He couldn't even believe that Holliston FD offered this. Many firefighters are still out there today working on storm related issues. Thank you so much to these men and women who offer so much of their time to help others in need!

- Andrea | 8/30/11 4:53 PM

The truth in this article is overwhelming correct. Mrs. Dellicker has encapsulated the feelings and hearts of our town.

- Bill Stickney | 8/30/11 1:45 PM

We cannot thank the holliston fire dept enough!! They were absolutely wonderful.......and they are all such nice lads to boot!!! thank you .....thank you .....thank you...

Julie Ann McGimpsey

49 Exchange St

- Julie Ann McGimpsey | 8/30/11 1:25 PM

I heartily agree! Holliston's first responders and post-problem repairers give of their hearts as well as their skill and muscle. I have witnessed first-hand multiple lives saved by our EMTs, several homes rescued from destruction by our firefighters, and a variety of crimes addressed by our police. Today I met a highway department worker who just missed being crushed by a falling tree while helping to clean up after the storm. The municipal workers in this town are the foundation of our good community, and they are solid. Let's be sure they continue to receive our appreciation and support.

- Susan | 8/30/11 1:16 PM



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