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Monday Morning Crash

by Bobby Blair
February 27, 2012

Yet another Monday morning began the wrong way for several drivers

Several vehicles were involved in a rear end collision shortly before 8 a.m. on Monday morning. The mishap occured near the intersection of Mill and Prentice Streets

While damage was minimal, one person was transported to Metrowest Medical in Framingham.

At 10:09 a.m. a motor vehicle accident was reported at 331 Winter Street which police reported as minor.


Posted in Police/Fire.

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Comments (5)

There should be lights at this intersection....

- JB | 2/28/12 7:32 PM

I am the driver who was taking a left onto Mill Street, when the driver in the Carolla was rear ended. Thankfully, the driver of the Carolla kept at least a 1 car length in front of him, because he did not hit me!

- Jane | 2/28/12 1:05 PM

Don't let this happen to you! Keep back AT LEAST one car length for every 10 miles an hour; NOT one car length at 45 mph like so many do. Tail-gateing does not get you there any sooner.

- safe driver | 2/27/12 2:39 PM

ditto...I was going home from the gym - down Winter St 10 minutes ago and that accident is already posted...Holliston Reporter(s) are awesome!

- Anne Fraser Zegel | 2/27/12 10:33 AM is becoming faster than Fox News. I just passed this accident on my way to work and you already have it covered. Nice work!

- John | 2/27/12 8:58 AM



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