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Cops & Coffee

by Paul Saulnier 4/6/13

April 6, 2013. Holliston's finest made themselves available to residents who wanted to meet informally with police and discuss issues important to them.

Ready to meet and greet were off-duty officers, l to r, Lieutenant Shawn Moore, Patrolman/K9 Matt Stone, and Chief John Moore. Gives new meaning to the term "police lineup".

Residents met with police informally as they moved around the Johnson Conference Room. Retired Town Clerk Jackie Dellicker, above left, said that she came simply to thank the police department for the work they do all year long.

Mararget Bishop, above right, author of the recently successful Cash Mob (http://www.hollistonreporter.com/article/8005/Bishop-Leads-Pre-Easter-Mob.html) was interested in Matt Stone's work with the K9 program.

South Street residents Brian Ream, center, and Tim O'Brien, attended along with David Bastille to discuss ways to make their area safer from break-ins. According to Chief Moore, there have been four B&Es in the neighborhood in the last three years, always during the daytime. The usual MO is to knock on the front door. If nobody answers, the villians go around to the back to break in. Items usually stolen are jewelery and loose cash.

On-duty Sergeant Craig Denman stopped in as did always-on-duty Selectman Jay Leary. Casinos and guns also surfaced for discussion.

If you were not able to attend but have a question for the police department, you can always contact them through their web site, http://www.hollistonpolice.com/


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Comments (1)

Unfortunately, I couldn't make this great opportunity. I, too, would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the women and men of the HPD for their service and dedication.
- Stacey Raffi | 4/7/13 3:09 PM
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