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Denial of Parole – Inmate Kenneth Seguin

by Chief John Moore 5/22/13

RE:  Denial of Parole – Inmate Kenneth Seguin (former Holliston resident).

In April of 1992 Kenneth Seguin brutally murdered his wife Polly, his son Danny (age 7), and daughter Amy (age 5). On February 4, 1993 Seguin was convicted by a jury of three counts of second degree murder and sentenced to serve life in prison for his wife’s murder, and two concurrent life sentences for his children on and after the first sentence. 

On March 6, 2012 Seguin had his second parole hearing during his incarceration. The Massachusetts Parole Board rendered their decision on May 15, 2013 and it reads as follows, “After careful consideration of all relevant facts, including the nature of the underlying offense, the views of the public as expressed at the hearing or in written submissions to the Board, the inmate’s criminal history, institutional record and program involvement while incarcerated, we conclude the inmate is not a suitable candidate for parole. Parole is denied with a review in five years. The decision is unanimous.” 

The full text of the Board’s Decision will be available in the near future on the Massachusetts Parole Board website.


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Comments (5)

While I think the man is a reprehensible creature that should never be allowed to see the light of day, I will say that having known him personally before that terrible day that he really was a loving father known for his community involvement. That in no way even begins to excuse what he did, and his lawyer is a sleazy douche, but I can at least conceede to his lawyer on those points.
- Feek | 10/29/13 1:46 AM
"A judge on Friday sentenced a computer executive to life in prison, with no chance of parole for 30 years, after convicting him the day before in the killing of his wife and two children last April." New York Times, February 07, 1993 "No chance", huh. So how does this hearing and this decision happen only 20 years later?
- D. C. al Fine | 10/1/13 4:48 AM
My heart still breaks for this family.
- Susan Haley | 5/24/13 2:58 AM
Ken Seguin brutally, maliciously and willfully murdered his wife, daughter and son with a reckless disregard to the life-long grief to their family, friends and loved ones. Let us be reminded that his Defense Attorney argued that Mr. Seguin's conviction was a "grave injustice" and that he had never represented a client who was more beloved and admired for his dedication and love for his family. Mr. Seguin murdered his family by slitting his son's throat; slitting his daughter's throat and wrist; and proceeding to bludgeoning his wife with an ax as she slept. The Prosecution in this case reminded the jury that Mr. Seguin had the capacity to control his conduct and actions before, during and after the killings and was able to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct. Despite this, the Defense continued to argue that Mr. Seguin lacked criminal responsibility for the killings. This gruesome and horrific case has forever left an impact on our community. Outside of Capital Punishment, Mr. Seguin is exactly where he belongs and the Parole Board should be reminded at each hearing that there is a reasonable probability that Mr. Seguin would not live at liberty without violating the law.
- Tom Dumas | 5/23/13 12:19 PM
Chief Moore: Thanks for posting that. He deserves to be in jail forever.
- Jean | 5/22/13 4:23 PM
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