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National Police Night Out

by Paul Saulnier
August 7, 2013

Watch the video after reading the article. click on the figure in the bottom right to view in full screen and try increasing the resolution to 720 HD.

Christopher Renehan, above, is with Target, the sponsor of National Police Night Out.

Assisting Chris with hand outs and raffle prizes are Kathy and Thiago, also Target employees.

Christopher Renehan provided the following information:

With specific regard to the National Night Out Event (http://www.natw.org/) the Holliston event has grown over the past three years and provides a great opportunity for community members to get together with their neighbors as well as public safety officials.  Chief Moore, Officer Waugh, and others have collaborated with our Milford Target store to make that event happen. 


1.      Target maintains a long-standing commitment to building strong, healthy and safe communities.

·         As part of our commitment to communities, Target has developed innovative programs and partnerships to help support the safety and security of neighborhoods where our guests and team members live and work.

  • From team members to technology, Target has extensive security systems and procedures in place to ensure the safety and security of everyone in our stores.

·         Target continues to be a leader by providing safe facilities, assisting law enforcement and offering support during disasters.


2.      At Target, we are proactive about safety and security for the benefit of our guests, team members and communities — our first and most effective line of defense against crime and theft is prevention.

·         We believe that by sharing our significant security resources and ideas with law enforcement, together we build safer communities.

·         As part of our commitment to communities, Target has developed innovative programs and partnerships to help support the safety and security of the neighborhoods where our guests and team members live and work.

·         Whenever we can, Target connects businesses in the private sector to our community efforts to bring even more support for the programs that keep our communities safe.

o   In 2003, Target developed a program called “Target & BLUE” to collaborate and partner with law enforcement. This program includes resources (financial, investigative and forensics services), information sharing, and community programs to support crime prevention and community safety.

o   In 2012 alone, Target worked with more than 2,000 organizations across the country in areas like law enforcement, emergency management and public health to provide funding, supplies, equipment and training for their officials. 

3.      Before, during and after a crisis, communities can count on Target.

·         Target donates time, money and essentials to communities affected by disasters. Our strategic partnerships with national and local organizations help Target provide support for disaster preparedness, as well as relief and recovery efforts. Partners include the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and Feeding America, to name a few.

·         Target’s Corporate Command Center operates 24/7, monitors events around the globe and keeps in close contact with teams across Target to prepare for and respond quickly to almost any situation.

·         Target is a critical part of national infrastructure. Stores remain open as long as we can provide a safe shopping environment and reopen as soon as possible after an emergency to give the community access to supplies.

·         Preparedness is a top priority for Target: how we operate our business and how we contribute to the resiliency of our communities. The more guests and team members are prepared in advance of a disaster, the easier it is for communities to quickly recover.

Brian Kramer brought his favorite ride for the kids to climb all over in the hope that some day they will join Holliston's on-call department.

During a mid-concert break, Officer Matt Waugh invited everyone to look to the other end of Goodwill Park for a demonstration by Cesh and Officer Matt Stone.

K9 Officer Matt Stone, above, prepares the crowd for what they are about to see. Watch all the action, including residents walking with "drunk glasses", and auxilliary officer Jeff Oteri being subdued by Cesh in the video.


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