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Crash at Hollis and Washington

by Paul Saulnier
September 9, 2013

Hollis and Washington was the scene of another two car crash today around 2:15PM

as occupants of this car sit on the curb and wait for help to arrive.

The air bag deployed in this car and yet it appears that the driver still hit the windshield.

Fiske's John Paltrineri was first on the scene to direct traffic and mop up spilled fluids.

Even Chief Moore showed up to help direct traffic around the two cars and debris on the road.

One driver was taken to the hospital. Occupants of the second car declined treatment. Officers John Scanlon and Scott Downey responded.


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Comments (25)

While I think lights are necessary, because downtown is completely crazy, it is going to massively slow down traffic. During rush hour there is already a problem with the lights at Bertucci's and High/Woodland/Washington, with the line of people at one red light backing up into the green light at the other. If there were to be a light at both Central/Washington and Hollis/Washington, that problem would occur even more often. With two lights that close together, there will be more backups and more traffic. I still think they are necessary because you are taking your own life into your hands when you pull out onto Washington at either spot, but they definitely need more planning. I feel like they are waiting for someone to be killed before action is truly taken. There has been a discussion of lights downtown since before I moved to Holliston 15 years ago and all of the studies they have done do not seem to get anywhere. As for "ugly" lights, sure, they won't make the town any nicer looking, but a dead body would make also detract from the "scenic downtown" and I would personally prefer there to be lights, but that is just my opinion.

- yet another resident | 9/11/13 11:11 PM

We clearly need lights downtown. Coming onto Washington Street from Hollis or Central is a nightmare. Making a left turn onto Hollis during evening rush hours is almost impossible. The fact is Metrowest has grown and will continue to grow. Holliston needs to act quickly to catch up with the reality of current traffic. Having a police officer downtown during morning and evening rush hours ought to begin now and continue until lights are installed. I hope anyone who was hurt in this accident makes a speedy and full recovery.

- resident | 9/11/13 6:51 PM

I am not sure what the answer is. I believe that there should be an officer at that intersection before school and just after to help with the traffic. My fear is how much more will it slow the commute. It takes me 20-25 minutes every day just to get from South St. to the Highland St. lights. I'm just a resident trying to get to work everyday and find I have to leave earlier and earlier, not to mention the cost of my weekly fuel bill.

- another resident | 9/11/13 8:39 AM

These lights will cause more traffic than the casino and gambling is a lot more fun than sitting at a red light.

- Anti-Traffic Laws | 9/10/13 11:47 PM

UGLY?? Who cares about ugly when safety and lives are at stake. It's so ridiculous to object to traffic lights because they are "ugly". We have a beautiful downtown, but if it takes traffic lights to control traffic for everyone's safety sake, then put in the darn traffic lights!! WHY is there on action on this???

- Jean | 9/10/13 4:19 PM

Well Central needs one too. Definitely Elm, so it's easier for the school buses to turn left. Summer St, ugh the waiting to turn. Green St cause it's not easy to exit Goodwill Park Def Winter St to make it easier for me. Why is there not a police officer at Dunkin directing traffic. Jeez have you ever tried pulling out of there in AM holding your coffee? The question is does anyone actually take responsibility for anything? It's not that the lights are ugly, but no one considers the impact to traffic (ie Highland). You can't just put up lights everywhere. "Downtown" was hazard for crosswalks, so speed bumps and lights were put up. It's still a crapshoot if people will stop. I start crossing when cars stop, not because the light is blinking. Glad to hear everyone is ok, but accidents happen and they happen mostly because of people. Shotgun approach of putting up lights is not the answer without understanding the impact of traffic and pollution to the area caused by idling vehicles.

- Why not elsewhere? | 9/10/13 2:32 PM

If anyone has any information and/or witnessed this accident can you please contact me? My email is njja811@gmail.com or phone is 508-808-0278. The other driver in accident pulled out from stop sign in front of me was not cited by police. A silver Taurus pulled out right before him and I was very close to hitting that car. If you know or are the driver if the silver Taurus, older model. please contact me. I just need insurance companies understand how close I was to the vehicle I hit when he pulled out.

- Heather bishop | 9/10/13 12:26 PM

Wow, Donald, that's awful...that driver sure added insult to (potentially fatal) injury. It's funny; I never see the Holliston police downtown monitoring traffic. Perhaps I've missed them, but until we get lights installed, they should police those intersections, especially for pedestrian safety. Someone is going to get killed or seriously injured. I will call the Planning Board. We need an update. I encourage everyone to get in touch with the Selectmen and Planning Board to share your concerns.

- Dianna Vosburg | 9/10/13 9:26 AM

I agree, lights are needed. Tired of all the traffic studies. It's time to act and make this town safer for everyone. Just last week I pushed the button to start the flashing light in the cross walk at Washington and Central, looked right and left, saw one car at Hollis street. Thinking I was safe to cross I entered crosswalk got half way across and the car on left was quickly passing behind me nearly clipping me. The driver yells out, hey idiot that's a great way to die!

- Donald Gray | 9/10/13 6:32 AM

No light needed, once the casino goes in the traffic will be so bad speeds won't exceed 10 mph.

- JM Brown | 9/10/13 5:57 AM

With HHS right up the street and new drivers going through that intersection daily, lights ARE needed.

- Karen | 9/10/13 1:22 AM

Heather, glad you are OK! To: anti-light guy, a light might be ugly to you but wouldn't it be uglier to lose a life? I am a resident of High St and before lights were installed at High and Washington St. the risk was just as dangerous. I would take the ugly any day.

- Diane | 9/9/13 11:10 PM

I am the driver of the grey Altima. I am ok. Thank god. My son was not in the car with me at the time. I was on my way to pick him up.

- Heather bishop | 9/9/13 9:26 PM

Its not about ugly, lights are about safety. Drivers are getting worse and worse everyday. The crossing lights are too high and a distraction waiting to be the cause of an accident. Lights are needed badly. Safety > aesthetics.

- Doug Blois | 9/9/13 9:00 PM

That intersection is a logistical nightmare and we're fortunate we haven't had more accidents or a pedestrian killed - if lights are ugly, we at least need a Holliston police officer there at rush hour directing traffic and keeping the situation under control - it's a dangerous situation and needs to be addressed in a serious manner.

- Lee DeSorgher | 9/9/13 8:34 PM

They need a light there... No question about it! I have to deal with that intersection everyday and it is a nightmare...

- HollistonMom | 9/9/13 7:47 PM

I live at this intersection and I literally feel like I take my life in my hands each time I try to drive or walk downtown. The crossing lights are too high to see and Hollis St. is a hazard without lights at all. I am happy to try to organize a group to appeal to the town officials. Let me know if you are interested!

- Bonnie Stenroeder | 9/9/13 7:43 PM

Though traffic lights may be ugly, they are a modern day necessity since most of us drive to get where we need to go. Traffic lights would let drivers make legal left-hand turns and control the flow through downtown. Right now the intersections at Washington, Central, and Hollis Streets are free-for-all zones during peak hours.

- Kriss | 9/9/13 7:21 PM

This intersection and also Central and Washington are so dangerous for cars and pedestrians. Lights will keep people safer, which will make walking downtown more desirable, which in turn will help the downtown Holliston businesses.

- E. Lawrence | 9/9/13 7:16 PM

I hope everyone is OK.

- Mary | 9/9/13 6:56 PM

I had house guests this summer and at dinner one night they commented on how stressful it is to drive through downtown Holliston. They also commented on the problems of trying to cross the street (walking). I'm not qualified to know what is needed to straighten out the problem but something does need to be done in my opinion. I don't think lights would make the downtown ugly.

- Susan Heavner | 9/9/13 6:26 PM

Something needs to be done soon. I pray EVERY time I go through that intersection and will admit - I avoid the downtown area if I can help it, simply for safety reasons. Rush hour is a disaster to get through and people tend not to be too polite either. Change is needed.

- Pamela PinterParsons | 9/9/13 5:51 PM

This isn't about lights. People need to be better drivers. I hope they don't put lights downtown; It'll make it ugly.

- Anti-Light | 9/9/13 5:45 PM

I'm with Dianna. I have no choice but to deal with this intersection on a daily basis, and it's quite dangerous. It is a joke that there is still no traffic light there where it's obviously so desperately needed. What needs to be done to make this happen?

- A. Bravman | 9/9/13 5:25 PM

When, oh when, can we get proper traffic lights downtown? Seriously. It's beyond absurd that we STILL have to deal with these dangerous, stressful, maddening, busy intersections. Framingham has installed needed traffic lights and improved intersections, and it's so much easier and safer for everyone.

- Dianna Vosburg | 9/9/13 4:07 PM



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