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Emergency Responders Presented With Medal of Merit

by Bobby Blair
October 6, 2013

Medals of Merit were presented to emergency responders on Sunday morning at the Senior Center by the Charles F. Duford American Legion Post 47. The awards ceremony is known locally as the "9/11 Awards Ceremony".

Letters of commendation were read by Holliston Police Chief John Moore above third from left citing three members of the Holliston Police Department involved the capture of three individuals connected to a stabbing incident in Framingham in the early morning hours of December 1, 2012. Dispatcher Kate Hickey (above second from left) was cited for her "proper and complete dispatch information." Sgt. David Gatchell (above left) and Officer Ken Belson (not present due to a prior commitment) were cited for the arrest of the three suspects. Rep. Carolyn Dykema read a citation from the House of Representaives to both Gatchell and Hickey. Legion Vice Cmdr. Henry Gia presented the American Legion Medal of Merit to both recipients.

Three members of the Holliston Fire Department were honored for separate incidences. James McGowan (left) was honored for his quick response on April 11, 2012, when he assisted a neighbor who was pinned under a fallen tree. Former Deputy Chief and present six-day-a-week ambulance driver Joseph Gallerani (2nd from left) was cited for his quick thinking in averting an accident on January 6, 2013. Deputy Chief Arthur "Jim" Moore was recognized for his handling of operations during "Winter Storm Nemo" in 2013. Deputy State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey (fourth left) presented the Legion Medal of Merit to the firemen. Legion Cmdr. Alan Greendale (right) looks on.

State Sen. Karen Spilka was unable to attend and Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Jay Leary had the priviledge of presenting the honorees with Spilka's citations  from the State Senate. Selectman Jay Marsden and Kevin Conley were in attendance.

The morning concluded with a repast of coffee, juice, and donuts supplied by the Legion Post and supplemented by warm-out-of-the-oven muffins and cakes donated by Dame Sylvia Stickney and former Town Clerk Jackie Dellicker. Legion Vice Cmdr. Steve Bradford handled the arrangements for the ceremony.


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Comments (1)

Kudos to Steve Bradford and the American Legion for an excellent service.

- Sylvia Stickney | 10/8/13 12:39 PM



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