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Auto break-ins on rise. Lock your cars.
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Rash of Break-ins

by Paul Saulnier
November 13, 2013

Update: Message from an eight year old victim.

November 13, 2013. Reports of several break-ins last night in the East Holliston area.

Police are investigating several break-ins last night on Norland, Locust, Regal and Baker streets.

The thiefs apparently are not satisfied with just taking money and valuables out of UNLOCKED cars, now they are trashing them as well. HPD says that these are robberies of opportunity, mostly unlocked cars.

So don't provide the opportunity for the thiefs. Take all your valuables out of the car at night and lock it.

"I am eight years old and last night my iPhone was stolen from my dad's car at 54 Norland St.  It was in a white plastic case. Please return my iPhone if found, no questions asked.  It is special to me because I had drawings on it that I created.  There will be a cash reward offered". 



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Comments (6)

It is not just unlocked cars. Last year my car was clearly physically broken into overnight (based on the scratch marks on the window and the hand prints all over the door). Nothing was taken because nothing valuable was in the car... but still, it's an uncomfortable thought.

- Adam | 11/14/13 1:25 PM

There is free software available for cell phones and laptops that will allow you to track and take pictures of unauthorized users without their knowledge.

- tpartynitwit | 11/14/13 6:53 AM we know a laptop was taken....but you don't want to see an image of someone taking one? That might give you nightmares? I have some not watch the local news, or any PG or R rated movies. Makes no sense...

- Barry Fitzgibbons | 11/13/13 8:32 PM

So unfortunate. Hope someone finds it for you Ava.

- BW | 11/13/13 6:27 PM

sleep tight.

- paul | 11/13/13 5:59 PM

OK, I was very glad to get the warning about the break-ins, thank you, but that picture strikes me as too menacing - I don't really know why but it may give me nightmares. It kind of triggers something that I don't want to think about. I'm probably the only one. But, could I respectfully request that you consider the kind of cover pics you post - the world has so many dark images already. Thanks, a fan with a weak constitution.

- Big scaredy cat | 11/13/13 4:32 PM



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