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HPD/HFC Media Conference: May 7, 2014

by Paul Saulnier
May 9, 2014

Seventeen arrest reports and thirty-two fire incidents over the last thirty days.

Police Department:

65 Incident Reports, 17 Arrest Reports, 20 Crash Reports, and 140 Motor Vehicle Stops from 1659 log entries

  • Incident Highlights (April 7, 2014 to May 7th, 2014)

  • 4/7 – MV stop results in the arrest of Olvaro Oliveira for unlicensed operation and unregistered motor vehicle
  • 4/8 – K-9 requested to assist Ashland PD locate a suicidal male
  • 4/10 – Well being check request results in a multi-agency search; subject of request located
  • 4/10 – Larceny from property; aluminum scrap taken from residence
  • 4/11 – Officers assisted FD with a medical resulting in MedFlight transport
  • 4/12 – Milford PD requested mutual aid for a family problem; situation mediated
  • 4/12 – Warrant arrest of Eric Boisvert of Holliston; additional charges sought for unregistered MV, uninsured MV, possession of Marijuana, possession with intent to distribute, drug violation within a park/school, and minor in possession of liquor
  • 4/12 – Report of an erratic MV results in a traffic stop;  Operator, Steven Demers of Holliston is arrested for OUI, marked lanes, and negligent operation
  • 4/15 – MVC investigation results in a summons being issued for unlicensed operation
  • 4/17 – Investigation regarding a possible larceny from residence by construction worker
  • 4/17 – Investigation of a possible hit and run; nearby business owner assisted with investigation by providing video surveillance
  • 4/17 – K-9 requested to assist Ashland PD in locating attempted B&E suspects
  • 4/22 – MV check results in the arrest of Hoffman Nunes of Framingham on an outstanding warrant
  • 4/22 – Report of vandalism leads to a further investigation, in cooperation with FD, and subsequent arrest of Deborah Gray of Holliston for intimidation of a witness and arson of personal property
  • 4/23 – As a result of a Medway PD investigation officers assisted in the arrest of Justin Ferdenzi of Holliston for Assault and Battery
  •  4/24 – Investigation relating to breaking and entering of a storage shed; scrap metal and hand tools stolen
  • 4/25 – MVC investigation results in a summons being issued for marked lanes, revoked registration, uninsured, and reckless operation
  • 4/26 – Report of a domestic, brothers fighting, aggressor fled prior to police arrival; Charges sought for domestic assault and battery
  • 4/27 – K-9 requested to assist Milford PD with a building search
  • 4/28 – MV Stop for a failed inspection results in the arrest of Michael Mazurek of Milford for an outstanding warrant, license suspended, registration suspended and uninsured MV
  • 4/29 – Investigation by Chelmsford PD and HPD results in charges being sought against a contractor for larceny over $250 from a person over 60
  •  5/3 – As a result of an astute neighbor officers identified two individuals who were potential attempting to break into a vacant house
  • PD Highlights (April 7, 2014 to May 7, 2014)

  • 4/21 – Officers assisted Hopkinton and Ashland PD with Boston Marathon operations
  • 5/1 – All officers trained in the deployment and administration of Naloxone to combat opioid overdoses
  • 5/2 – Sgt. Lewis retires after over 32 years in law enforcement
  • “See Something, Say Something” program initiated
  • Bike Patrol mobilization to include patrol of the rail trail
  • Department has generously received grant awards from the American Legion, Celebrate Holliston, and Newcomers organization


  • Future Dates, Events and Projects

  • 5/12 – Final day to submit applications for the full time officer position
  • Citizens Police Academy continues
  • Summer Experience – Junior Academy June 23-27 or August 11-15
  • 5/18 – Friends of Holliston K-9 3rd Annual Pet Walk
  • 5/19-6/1 – Department to participate in Click it or Ticket mobilization
  • 5/26 – Police Honor Guard to march in the Memorial Day Parade

Fire Department:

Incident Highlights (April 7, 2014 to May 6, 2014)

 32 Fire Incidents (1 full alarm, 2 still alarm, 2 mutual aid)

73 EMS Incidents (21 BLS transports, 43 ALS transports, 13 no transports)


4/9 – house fire (Briarcliff Lane)

4/11 – smoke investigation (Bogastow Brook Rd)

4/11 – landing zone (HHS) [Engine 3]

4/13 – ambulance strike team activation (Hudson)

4/14 – station coverage: Sherborn FD [Engine 3]

4/22 – smoke investigation (Adams and Marshall Streets)

4/22 – arson investigation (Holly Lane)

4/22 – station coverage: Ashland FD [Engine 3]

5/1 – tree/wires down (Ashland Street)


FD Highlights (April 7, 2014 to May 6, 2014)

4/14 – BU Advanced CSI: Fire & Arson Investigation (HPD)

4/15– Moment of Silence (HPD)

 4/16 – 4/17 – 13th Annual Suicide Prevention Conference (Framingham)

4/23 – Ambulance Fee Rate Hearing (BoS)

4/24 – Fire Extinguisher / IRP Training (HCCC)

4/27 – Yom Hashoah ceremony (Town Green)

4/30 – Fire Station Tour (Daisy Troop 76018)

5/2 – Fire Station Tour (HCCC)

5/3 – Spring Stroll (HBA)

 5/5 – Annual Town Meeting (HHS)

 5/6 – StatNet Meeting (Worcester)


Future Dates, Events and Projects

 5/14 – SECURE Training (Westford)

 5/15 – BU Applied Research Project (Woodland Street)

 5/15 – Citizens Police Academy (HFD)

 5/19 – 5/23 – IAEM Regions 4 & 5 Training Summit & Expo (Savannah, GA)

 5/27 – Public Education Presentation (Blessed Beginnings Preschool)

 5/27 – HCAT taping (Heartbeat of Holliston)

 5/28 – 5/29 – 2014 MA Statewide Emergency Mgmt Conference (Worcester)

 6/3 – Sports Injury Prevention presentation (HHS)

 6/5 – Career Day (HHS)

 6/9 – 6/12 – NFPA Conference & Expo (Las Vegas, NV)

 6/26 – Jr. Police Academy (HFD)

 8/13 – 8/16 – IAFC’s Fire – Rescue International (Dallas, TX)

 8/14 – Jr. Police Academy (HFD)


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I read that there is a planned bike patrol mobilization for the HPD, which will include patrolling the rail trail. Thank you.

- Donna | 5/10/14 5:56 AM



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