A Full Haus for Oktoberfest

The Historical Society barn was the place to be Friday night. Hearty German fare, oompah music, and good friends filled the space.

Bea Hait’s warm smile welcomed everyone and she made sure that everybody got a hot plate of food: wurst, red cabbage, German potato salad, and a pickle!

As advertised, the Double Eagle Oktoberfest Band was in the house. Note the ‘instrument’ leaning against the post to the right: a stick with a tamborine, bicycle horn, pie plate, and who knows what else – audience members were invited to take turns playing along.

Paul Saulnier started the serving process by organizing the plates and making sure that each plate had a knockwurst before moving along to receive the side dishes.

Judging by the smiles around the room, the Historical Society members delivered the goods. Danke!

Chris Cain

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